Why You Need to Invest in Product Videos on Your Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce Product Videos

Product videos offer e-retailers a creative way of demonstrating their products while also allowing customers a chance to view products in action. By 2021, it’s estimated that 82% of all internet traffic will be made up of video consumption. One way eCommerce businesses can get ahead of this is by creating product videos.

Statistics that Encourage Product Videos for Your Ecommerce Site:

  • 88% of business owners stated that product videos increased conversion rates
  • Product videos generated a 69% in average order size
  • 81% more time is spent on sites where there’s a video to watch
  • Product videos generated 127% increase in page visits that had them

This infographic, Why You Need to Invest in Product Videos Today, outlines the benefits of product videos for online retailers and offers ten top tips that will guide you through the process of making a product video:

  1. Plan your strategy for creating, promoting, and measuring the impact of your product videos.
  2. Start small by creating a selection of videos for your best-selling products.
  3. Keep your videos simple to maximize appeal to a widely varying audience.
  4. Keep your videos short and to the point.
  5. Optimize your pages so the videos play on mobile devices.
  6. Show the product in use to provide a better sense of the touch and feel of the item.
  7. Optimize your videos for publishing natively on social media sites.
  8. Include a call to action encouraging the viewer to make a purchase.
  9. Use video captions or subtitles for viewing when sound is disabled.
  10. Encourage user-generated content from actual customers who have purchased the product.

Be sure to read our other article and infographic on the types of product videos you can produce. Here’s the full infographic:

product videos Infographic

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