How Effective Is Live Streaming For Your Brand?

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As social media continues to explode, companies are on an evolving quest for new ways of sharing content. In the past, most businesses stuck to blogging on their website, which made sense: It’s historically been the cheapest, easiest, and most time-efficient means of generating brand awareness. And while mastering the written word remains essential, studies are indicating that the production of video content is somewhat of an untapped resource. More specifically, the production of ‘live streaming’ video content is proving to help extend a brand’s reach.

We Live In A FOMO Generation

This is the FOMO (fear of missing out) generation. Users don’t want to miss a live event due to the fear they’ll feel left out, or disenfranchised. It’s like with sports. You can’t watch the replay of a big game without feeling somewhat disconnected from the action. Well now this idea is easing its way into the digital marketing world via services like Facebook Live, Youtube Live Stream, and Periscope.

Organic Reach

A conundrum many marketers find themselves in is whether to produce photos or videos. If you're having trouble deciding between the two, a recent study might inform your decision. According to Social Media Today, Facebook videos have a 135% greater organic reach than photo posts. Plus, given the greater amount of time involved in watching videos, they keep users thinking about your brand longer than a fleeting image.

Live vs. Pre-Recorded

In terms of live vs. pre-recorded video, the same study revealed that users will spend 3x longer watching live video over video that’s no longer live. Facebook has since come out and said they will prioritize live video over not live video in a user’s feed, meaning they will appear higher and users will be even more likely to click on them.

Connecting Users To Your Facebook Business Page

Do you have a Facebook business page you’d like to promote? Many brands are foregoing Twitter and Instagram followers for Facebook live viewers. The goal is to drive video viewers to their company’s Facebook page, and ultimately their website. With over 8 billion views on average per day, this medium appears to be paying off dividends for many, and helping businesses build their consumer base. Facebook is also talking about implementing a dedicated video news feed so that consumers can delve right into the video content they need.

Answering Consumer Questions

The single greatest reason to live stream is to address your consumers’ questions and concerns. Brands across Facebook, Periscope, and Youtube are opting to hold live video events allowing users to type in questions through a chat window and receive prompt ‘in person’ responses. Many businesses are taking this a step further to include celebrities in what’s been dubbed the AMA (ask me anything) session. This is where a popular figure like Serena Williams will appear live on Nike’s Youtube channel to answer questions from adoring fans. Brands are finding these longform video sessions effective in stimulating user engagement and lead generation. Plus, they add a touch of flair and personality to the product.

Deciding What’s Best For Your Product

Identify your target audience to decide whether live streaming is a good option for your brand. Like with any type of content, it has to be of a high quality. You can’t sit in front of a webcam while speaking in monotone, expecting consumers to flock to you in droves.  Video content is hard enough to produce, but at least there you have the luxury of editing. With live video, what you see is what you get. Make sure to prepare by realizing each video’s purpose and keeping the audience at the front of your mind.

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