How To Increase Holiday Season Engagement And Sales With Email List Segmentation

Email List Segmentation for the Holidays

Your email list segmentation plays a crucial role in the success of any email campaign. But what can you do to make this important aspect work in your favor during the holidays – the most lucrative time of the year for your business?

The key to segmentation is data… so starting to capture that data months before the holiday season is a critical step that will lead to greater email engagement and sales. Here are several data points that you should be analyzing and collecting today to ensure your emails can be accurately segmented when it’s time to execute those holiday email campaigns.

Ways to Segment Your Holiday Email Campaigns

The infographic includes 9 ways to effectively segment your email list so that you can target content for higher engagement and sales for holiday sales:

  1. Gender – capture whether your recipient is male or female and identify who they are shopping for. Eg. Man shopping for woman, woman shopping for man, etc.
  2. Household Composition – Does the household have a couple, a family with children, or grandparents?
  3. Geography – utilize geographic targeting to target specific holidays or produce weather-specific content. Eg. Hanukkah or Christmas… Phoenix, Arizona or Buffalo, New York.
  4. Shopping Preferences – Do they like to order, add to wishlist, pick up from a local retailer?
  5. Browsing Behavior – what products and pages have they browsed that could be used to drive more relevant content?
  6. Shopping Behavior – What have they purchased in the past? When did they purchase it? Do you have shopping data from the previous year?
  7. Average Order Value – Understanding how much your customer typically spends on a holiday can help you target better offers that boost chances of conversion.
  8. Purchase Frequency – Knowing how often a customer purchases from you through the year can define your segmentation strategy for the holidays.
  9. Cart Profile – Study your customers’ cart behavior. Are they abandoning your cart often? Are they waiting for a price drop? Segment price-sensitive customers separately; send holiday offers accordingly.

The infographic details some email hyper-segmentation possibilities for the holidays so that you can better build your list and understand their behavior for optimized segments, personalization, and content targeting. As well, the infographic provides a holiday email pre-development testing checklist to ensure your campaign is delivered, rendered well, and links all work appropriately.

The team at Uplers got together with the email marketing experts from Email on Acid to create this infographic, Email List Hyper-Segmentation, that will help you plan a failproof segmentation strategy for the holidays.

Email List Hyper Segmentation

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