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Someone asked me tonight about what billing system that I was using. I've been a Freshbooks user for about a decade and love it, so I wanted to see if they had any kind of referral system where I might get a couple bucks or a free month or something. Sure enough, when I logged into my account, they had a great referral page that allowed me to directly invite someone via email, send them a message via Facebook Messenger, or share the platform publicly on Facebook:

Freshbooks Referral ProgramBest of all, by integrating it all, Freshbooks can actually monitor the program and see how it's performing. Digging a bit further, I saw that they were utilizing Friendbuy to run their referral program.

Friendbuy offers a turnkey referral engine for every kind of business – e-commerce, subscription sites, magazine publishers, small businesses, SaaS, you name it. Businesses can take advantage of both an editable widget or a full-featured API.

Friendbuy is an amazing product – it's simple to use and easy to integrate. In the last 6 months we've generated a 3.98% revenue boost strictly through the Friendbuy channel. It's a no-brainer. Carlos Herrera, CEO, Petnet

Friendbuy's Referral Program Software Features Include:

  • Customizable Templates – Easy-to-edit, beautifully designed widget templates increase customer engagement. Social data capture, mobile-responsive design and address book importer are built-in.
  • Personal URLs (PURLs) – Your customers can share with friends on the most popular social networks, via email as well as a personal link (PURL). PURLs can be sent via instant messenger and posted on blogs.
  • Reward Automation – Automatically send referrers a reward email or roll your own business rules with our API & webhooks. Our flexible platform allows you to reward as you wish whether it’s store credit, cash or loyalty points.
  • Real-time Analytics – Real time sharing and referral marketing reports give you up-to-the-minute performance metrics. Keep a close eye on your A/B tests to see which offers, copy and calls-to-action are boosting your referral program metrics.
  • Concurrent A/B Testing – A/B tests help you improve sharing and referral conversion rates; they take the guesswork out of which offers are generating the most engagement for both the sharer and their friends.
  • Targeting – Targeting gives you even more precise control over your referral programs. Vary your campaigns and offers by customer segment, SKU or coupon code.

Here's another great example of a Referral Program page:

Friendbuy Example

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