GoAnimate Adds Enterprise, Whiteboard, and Infographic Video Features

goanimate whiteboard animation

Marketers realize that videos allow for an emotional connection and explanation videos that are 30 seconds to under 2 minutes are a fantastic way of garnering attention and improving conversion rates. Just last week, colleague Andrew Angle stopped by our office and told us how much he was enjoying working with GoAnimate and whether or not he could be of service.

A few days later, I was seeing a live demonstration (from COO Gary Lipkowitz) of GoAnimate’s new whiteboard animation and video infographic themes that had been added to the platform for creating explainer videos and animated infographics.

If you’ve ever utilized a video editing tool or Flash, the user interface of GoAnimate is just as robust, only with thousands more characters, scenes, actions and options. Rather than write on and on about it, let’s let the video do the explaining.

GoAnimate Animated Infographic Videos

This is a 2 minute video from GoAnimate on producing an infographic video:

Here’s a GoAnimate infographic video just over a minute long created by one of GoAnimate’s users:

GoAnimate Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

And here’s a GoAnimate whiteboard video animation created by a user on the South African Reserve Bank:

If you’d like to get started on GoAnimate, I’d recommend the working collection of articles, images and videos that GoAnimate has been developing to help users get their story off the ground.

GoAnimate Enterprise, Team and Collaboration Features

Now GoAnimate has expanded its toolset with GoTeam to offer an Enterprise suite where you can invite collaborators and reviewers, share notes by the timeline, and work on videos as a team!

Best of all, GoAnimate continues to add tons of new animations to its collection for users every single week. And they even listen to requests from their community.

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