Agencies need this Book on their Coffee Table

Many years ago I went to my boss with, what I thought, was an incredible idea to boost garage sale classified advertisements. Build an online application where a subscriber can find their home and plot a day of garage sale visits. In between, advertisers could put a coupon or two for lunch or coffee.

The route plotted would provide the garage sale aficionado with more time rummaging and less time driving. Perhaps they could filter by keyword, distance, time, etc. My boss thought the idea had merit and I went and got some quotes (under $10k at the time).

It was denied due to the expense.

It was a Killed Idea and it's bothered me for the 5 or 6 years it's been rattling around my head. The day it gets built, I'm going to shed a tear knowing I could have been part of something special (with a lot of other practical applications). Today I'm sighing a small breath of relief as it's finally documented in a new book…

I received the hardcover book (built with Blurb) today in the mail and it is truly stunning. The art around the design of the book, the quality of the publication, and the ideas within the book make it one of the most prized books I would ever put on my coffee table. Every agency should have a copy!

The official press release on Killed Ideas out this week and the voting is on! I would appreciate your vote for the Garage Sale Mapper! It was quite an honor to be selected to the final 50 ideas for the book – I'm in the company of some amazing creative talent.


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