9 Landing Page Mistakes You Should Avoid

landing page mistakes

You’d be surprised at how many things distract someone on a page that they arrive at. Buttons, navigation, images, bullet points, bolded words… all of them capture the attention of the visitor. While that’s an advantage when you’re optimizing a page and purposely laying out those elements for the visitor to follow, adding the wrong element or extraneous elements can take the visitor away from the call-to-action you’re wanting them to click through and convert on.

Copyblogger released this fantastic infographic that creates an analogy between the visitor on your site and someone following directions, 9 Landing Page Goofs that Make You Lose Business. I really love this analogy because it’s very appropriate as you think about the trips that you’re taking.

The first thing that we do on a trip is map the origin and the destination, then provide the most efficient path in between. When you’re mapping out your landing page, hopefully you’re doing the same thing – thinking about where your visitors are coming from and leaving no question as what the destination is. Here are 9 common mistakes you can make when creating landing pages (but should avoid):

  1. You did not explain the benefits of conversion.
  2. You did not provide a simple path for conversion.
  3. You did not clearly display a single destination or outcome.
  4. You did not communicate key information effectively.
  5. You did not eliminate unnecessary content.
  6. You used too much jargon and complicated terms.
  7. You did not support your content with data, details and testimonials to enhance your trustworthiness.
  8. You did not remove extraneous options like navigation and additional links.
  9. You did not make sure your landing page loaded quickly!

Common Landing Page Mistakes

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