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We've posted before on how colors can impact purchase behavior. Given that information, it's interesting to see how the corporate logos leverage color. The web is packed with logos that are predominantly blue, creating a sense of trust and security, along with red, developing a sense of energy and urgency! This infographic from COLOURlovers shows that many of the most successful brands on the Internet have some colors in common with their logos!

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     That’s really cool. I knew red was popular, but never realized how many logos used blue. I used to use white and brown, and now use yellow and black in my logo. Maybe I need to use red and blue! Thanks for sharing this Doug. That was fun!

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    This logo was specifically designed to brand while building comfort and security with soft blue, orange for attention, energy and excitement, and green for calm, saving/spending money. It works. People save a lot of money for their business while receiving high quality printing for their marketing needs.

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