Mobile Marketing Growth

mobile marketing growth

The numbers are staggering and continue to accelerate. More and more people are trading in their mobile phones for smartphones, generating a huge demand for marketing apps, marketing-optimized web sites, location-based services and interactive mobile and social usage outside the home and office.

From the Infographic: The traditional cellphone is being overtaken by the far more capable ssmartphone. Equipped with high-speed Internet connections and lightning-fast processors, these devices have essentially put fully capable interactive billboards in our pockets. How are advertisers taking advantage of this huge potential, and are consumers paying attention? Below we explore the burgeoning world of mobile marketing.

HighTable PocketMoney

Infographic from HighTable.

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    Hi Adam, that’s a pretty neat infographic. I’m just a bit sceptical about the QR code stats. 50% of smartphone owners having scanned a QR code sounds like a fairly high adoption rate. Also, 18% of those making a purchase after scanning requires a well optimized mobile landing page and conversion funnel. I can mostly speak of Germany but here this certainly isn’t the case. I estimate that about 70-80% of the codes I scan lead to desktop sites where my conversion goal lies far away along a bumpy road. Are German marketers so far behind?

    Therefore I’m wondering about the data that provides this analytic outcome. Any more info about that?


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