How Easy is it to Do Business With You Online?

Almost every day I get links to products or services online and it’s difficult for me to find what I need or navigate to where I wish to go. It’s amazing to me how difficult some companies build their websites. I would do business with many sites if they didn’t make it so damn impossible!

I just made it all the way through a multi-form process on a site a few minutes ago only to find out that I had to be a registered user to use the site. When I registered, all the previous selections that I had made were wiped out. I’m not going back! Rather than talk about all the terrible sites, I’ll touch on one that did work perfectly instead!

Yesterday I was suffering from a terrible migraine headache. I’m fairly stressed lately – I’m juggling a lot of commitments and my life/work cycle has become one enormous mess. I’m also not eating properly and throwing on some more unneeded pounds. A couple of friends have reached out and told me maybe it’s time to do something about it. I don’t like going to doctors, so I’m looking for alternatives.

Within minutes of posting about my migraine on Twitter, I received the following tweet from Healing Key:

I navigated to the Healing Key site, read some of the details on the site, and was so happy that there was an online scheduler (at the top of every page!). I checked my schedule and now have an introductory session with Cheryl scheduled for Saturday morning. This is how easy your site should be. Is it?

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    Sweet. I booked my appointment with Ossip's on the Circle a few weeks ago online. It was easy and painless, and didn't require me to actually have to talk to anyone. I'm a dork, so I don't like to necessarily talk to people I don't know. 🙂

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    I've written several articles in this vein, like “How to NOT get a customer: Five common marketing mistakes” I won't pollute your comments here with links, but it's not in my disqus listed website (who has just one website?)