What is Webrooming? How is it Different from Showrooming?

webrooming vs showrooming

This week I’ve been researching purchasing audio equipment for our studio. I often bounce from manufacturing site, then specialty e-commerce sites, retail outlets, and Amazon. I’m not the only one. In fact, 84% of shoppers check Amazon before shopping

What is Webrooming

Webrooming – when a customer travels to a store to make the purchase after researching the product online.

What is Showrooming

Showrooming – when a customer purchases online after researching t

The infographic from Koeppel Direct, Webrooming Vs Showrooming: A Retail Marketing Guide to Holiday Shopping, breaks down shopping behavior by generation as well:

  • Baby Boomers – Shop in-store and value one-to-one interaction and expect knowledgeable customer service.
  • Millennials – Shop online and value and influenced by word-of-mouth.
  • Generation X – Shop online and alue email tailored to their interests and buying history.
  • Generation Z – Shop online and via smartphone and value special discounts, free shipping, loyalty perks.

The infographic lays out everything retailers need to know about Webrooming vs. Showrooming, including the types of products most affected by these trends, as well as how to best target different generations during the holiday season.

Webrooming vs Showrooming

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    Hello Douglas,

    Excellent topic I must say!!

    This is something cool to read about webrooming and showrooming. I think Showrooming may be bother to retailers.

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