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Optimizing the Path of Converting a Lead to a Customer

There’s no shortage of companies that need assistance with customer conversion. We’re all extremely busy and we’ve always been great at developing great products and services, but often fall short on providing a smooth path for a lead to be come a customer. Marketing technology provides the tools to bridge that gap and nurture those leads efficiently.

In this infographic from ReachLocal, you’ll take a journey with a sales lead, all the way from its beginnings as a prospect to becoming a customer for one local business. Along the way you’ll meet a local consumer who searches for, contacts, and ultimately chooses a local business. And, you’ll see how using effective search engine marketing tactics, website best practices, and automated lead management helps our local business reach the consumer as she makes her buying decision.

Costs have dropped significantly for companies to take advantage of being where customers are researching their next purchase – albeit search engines, social media, or mobile. There’s really not a good reason anymore for a business to make the investment and expect a return on that investment. It’s simply finding an agency or technology partner that helps you along the way.

lead to customer conversion optimization

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