Tablet Growth: Usage Statistics and Expectations

tablet usage statistics

I’m an avid tablet user… I have an iPad and an iPad Mini aside from my MacBook Pro and an iPhone. Interestingly enough, I use each of the devices very specifically. My iPad Mini, for instance, is a perfect tablet for bringing for meetings and on business trips where there’s a lot of walking and I don’t want to drag around my laptop and all the necessary cables, chargers, and accessories. My iPad typically stays near my bedside of television for shopping and reading. It’s too large for business but great around the home.

Tablets and laptops have decimated the desktop market. In 2013, the PC desktop market dropped by 98%! I recently re-equipped my home office and the desktop was retired in place of a laptop stand and a Thunderbolt display. And my productivity at home has skyrocketed since I just carry my laptop between offices and don’t need to worry about plugging in chargers, transferring files, etc.

In 2013 tablet sales exploded, increasing an impressive 68% to reach 195.4 million units worldwide. With global sales expected to hit 1 billion units by 2017, it has become essential for executives at every level to understand the significance of tablets and how they influence the purchasing cycle and overall consumer engagement.

Ensuring your site is responsive to tablet usage – as well as taking advantage of the medium for gesture browsing or app development – can provide a significant improvement in your customer and visitor engagement as well as conversions. The fact is, tablet users do have specific activities, like reading and shopping, that they absolutely love to use their tablet for over their mobile display, laptop or desktop. What’s the experience like for your readers?



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    Is anyone looking at the latest Microsoft tablet/pc.  I am going to get one today and try to off of all Apple products.  G’bye Apple! I am on a Macbook pro, iMac, the latest tablet and iPhone.  F-that!  Say hello to open technology!

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