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  • Content Marketinghtaccess redirects social media shortcut urls

    Build Easy Social Media Shortcut URLs to Your Site with .htaccess

    Since Martech Zone is built on WordPress, we utilize the redirections feature in Rank Math to manage all of our referring URLs for our site. We’ve even modified our redirect code to append UTM campaign query strings automatically on any links we use like this. If you view our social links in our header, you’ll see that these are all…

  • Search MarketingWhat is a 410 Header Response Code in HTTP? Content Gone or Deleted

    410: When And How To Tell Search Engines Your Content Is Gone

    When a search bot crawls your site, your web server responds with a header request code. We’ve shared quite a bit about the negative impact of search engines finding 404 errors (page not found) and how to utilize redirections effectively to redirect the user (and the search engine) with a 301 status code to a relevant page. Redirections are a…

  • Content Marketing
    How To Speed Up WordPress

    How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

    We’ve written, to a great extent, about the impact of speed on your users’ behavior. And, of course, if there’s an impact on user behavior, there’s an impact on search engine optimization. Most people don’t realize the number of factors involved in the simple process of typing in a web page and having that page load for you. Conversely, if…

  • Search MarketingRedirect YYYY/MM/DD Regex WordPress Rank Math SEO

    WordPress: Remove and Redirect A YYYY/MM/DD Permalink Structure with Regex and Rank Math SEO

    Simplifying your URL structure is a great way to optimize your site for a number of reasons. Long URLs are difficult to share with others, can get cut off in text editors and email editors, and complex URL folder structures can send the wrong signals to search engines on the importance of your content. YYYY/MM/DD Permalink Structure If your site…

  • Content Marketinghtaccess file WordPress

    Working With The .htaccess File In WordPress

    WordPress is a great platform that is made all the better by how detailed and powerful the standard WordPress dashboard is. You can achieve much, in terms of customizing the way that your site feels and functions, by simply using the tools that WordPress has made available to you as standard. There comes a time in any website owner’s life,…

  • Content MarketingHow to Secure Your WordPress Website

    How to Secure WordPress in 10 Easy Steps

    Do you know that over 90,000 hacks are attempted each minute on WordPress sites globally? Well, if you own a WordPress-powered website, that stat should worry you. It doesn’t matter if you are running a small-scale business. Hackers don’t discriminate based on the size or importance of the websites. They are only looking for any vulnerability which can be exploited…

  • Search Marketing
    www versus non-www redirect and seo

    Finally, It’s Time to Retire Your WWW

    Sites like ours that have been around for a decade accumulated SEO rank on pages that have sustained incredible traffic. As with most sites, our domain was displayed and started with www. In recent years, the www has become less prominent on sites… but we kept ours because that subdomain had so much authority with search engines. Until now! Moz…

  • Content Marketingwordpress htaccess rewriterule rewritecond

    WordPress .htaccess Rules Have Exceptions, Too

    WordPress made a major evolutionary step forward in the blogging platform, moving it closer to a full-fledged content management system with revision tracking, more support for custom menus, and–the most intriguing feature for me–multi-site support with domain mapping. If you are not a content management system junkie, it’s okay. You can skip right past this article. But for my fellow…

  • Content Marketing

    Amazingly New Email Design (Needed)

    Here’s another email that I love to get, but usually don’t do anything with! This is the Downtown Indianapolis, Amazingly New Email. I stay subscribed because I hope that a new design comes forth – the information to promote downtown Indianapolis is all there, but the design makes the email unreadable and unusable. Here’s why: There’s no main link in…

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