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  • Sales and Marketing TrainingWhat does a digital marketer do? A day in the life of infographic

    What Does A Digital Marketer Do?

    Digital marketing is a multifaceted domain that transcends traditional marketing tactics. It demands expertise in various digital channels and the ability to connect with the audience in the digital sphere. A digital marketer’s role is to ensure the brand’s message is disseminated effectively and resonates with its target audience. This necessitates strategic planning, execution, and constant monitoring. In digital marketing,…

  • Ecommerce and RetailComplete list of Retail Sales Holidays for 2024

    A Complete List of 2024 Retail Sales & Holidays To Plan Your Marketing Campaigns

    Welcome to 2024! Retail holidays are crucial for businesses, with numerous opportunities to boost sales and connect with customers. To help you navigate this season effectively, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide with essential tips for preparation and a post-holiday strategy. First, let’s start with a complete list of retail holidays you may want to incorporate into your marketing calendar. 2024…

  • Ecommerce and RetailHow To Start A Dropshipping Business

    How To Start A Dropshipping Business

    These last few years have been very exciting for entrepreneurs or companies looking to build an e-commerce business. A decade ago, launching an e-commerce platform, integrating your payment processing, calculating local, state, and national tax rates, building out marketing automation, integrating a shipping provider, and bringing in your logistics platform to move a product from sale to delivery took months…

  • Social Media & Influencer MarketingHow to Measure the ROI of Social Media

    Measuring the ROI of Social Media: Insights and Approaches

    If you asked me a decade ago whether or not companies should invest in social media marketing, I would have resoundingly stated yes. When social media first skyrocketed in popularity, there weren’t complex algorithms and aggressive advertising programs on the platforms. Social media was an equalizer between competitors with massive budgets and small businesses that served their clients well. Social…

  • Advertising TechnologySteve Jobs Infographic and Lesser Known Facts

    Steve Jobs: The Infographic and Insights Beyond the Apple Legacy

    I’m an Apple fanboy and believe there are essential lessons that were deployed by Steve Jobs and the amazingly talented people he had working for him. Two lessons stand out for me: Marketing the potential for using your products or using your services is more powerful when marketing than the features you’ve developed. Apple marketing inspired its prospects and customers,…

  • Advertising TechnologyHow Does The Google Ads Auction Work (2023)

    How Does The Google Ads Auction Work? (Updated for 2023)

    Google Ads operates on an auction system, which takes place every time a user performs a search. To understand how it works, it’s crucial to break down the process into key components: Keywords: Advertisers select keywords they want to bid on. These are brand names, company names, words, or phrases related to their business that they believe users will type…

  • Social Media & Influencer Marketingonline reputation management guide

    A Guide to Monitoring, Managing, and Repairing Your Online Reputation

    Managing your online reputation is crucial for personal reputation, brand reputation, and a brand’s employee perceptions. Ignoring online reputation can lead to missed business and career opportunities due to negative perceptions, impacting personal and professional relationships. 78% of survey recipients said they believe it is very important to look up information about people and/or businesses online before deciding to interact…

  • Search MarketingWhat is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

    What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization In 2023

    One area of expertise that I’ve focused my marketing on over the last two decades is search engine optimization (SEO). In recent years, I’ve avoided classifying myself as an SEO consultant, though, because it has some negative connotations with it that I would like to avoid. I often conflict with other SEO professionals because they focus on algorithms over search…

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