MQLs Are Passé – Are You Generating MQMs?

The MQM is the new marketing currency. Marketing-qualified meetings (MQM) with prospects and customers drive the sales cycle faster and increase revenue pipeline better. If you are not digitizing the last mile of your marketing campaigns that leads to more customer wins, it’s time to consider the latest marketing innovation. We are well into a game-changing transition from the world of MQLs to a world in which conversation-ready leads are the primary marketing currency.  The

The 3 Reports Every B2B CMO Needs to Survive and Thrive in 2020

While marketing leaders may have access to thousands of data points and hundreds of reports, they may not be focused on those that are most impactful to the business.

Rethinking B2B Marketing Outreach? Here’s How to Pick Winning Campaigns

As marketers adjust campaigns to respond to the economic fallout from COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to know how to pick winners. Revenue-focused metrics let you allocate spend effectively.

The Playbook for B2B Online Marketing

This is a fantastic infographic on the strategies deployed by just about every successful business-to-business online strategy. As we work with our customers, this is fairly close to the overall look and feel of our engagements. Simply doing B2B online marketing is not going to maximize success and your website isn’t going to just magically generate new business because it’s there and it looks good. You need the right strategies to attract visitors and convert

Freebase: A Database of People, Places or Things

Over 39 million topics and a billion facts have been uploaded to Freebase, a community-curated database of well-known people, places, and things. Imagine being able to access information via simple queries using Metaweb Query Language (MQL). That’s Freebase! Freebase is even powering some applications – supplying the topics that apps like Swipp are utilizing to organize and rate topics. Special thanks to Chris Carfi for sharing the technology with me! Via Wikipedia: Freebase is a