Viraltag: Discover, Organize, Curate, Share and Track Images Online

Utilizing imagery effectively online will grow your e-commerce sales, your publication reach, or your business. If your company is working in a visual field of photography, food, fashions or event promotion, you’re already working to share visual content online. Visuals are dominating the internet – from your Facebook feed to Pinterest. Visuals have been proven to drive clicks, sharing, comprehension and conversions. The problem for many businesses is how to manage image resources – from

Zapier: Workflow Automation for Business

I never realized that I’d have to wait 6 years before we’d begin seeing applications that intelligently visualized application programming interfaces… but we’re finally getting there. Yahoo! Pipes launched in 2007 and had some connectors for manipulating and connecting systems, but it lacked integration with plethora of web services and APIs that were exploding across the web. Zapier is nailing it… enabling you to automate tasks between online services – currently 181! Zapier is for

RSS versus Email: A Marketing View

It’s a discussion that’s getting old, but with the advent of Outlook 2007 support for RSS – the online industry continues to make comparisons between RSS and email for online Marketing Communications (with SMS right around the corner). From a content management standpoint, a lot of Industry folks think of all of these as ‘output’ types. That’s a really ignorant view. It’s like looking at Direct Mail and a Bulletin Board the same because you

Blog-Tipping: The Self-Reliant Post

My next tippee is Ryan who runs an entrepreneurial blog, called The Self Reliant Post. The Self-Reliant Post is a blog about how to make money with an online home business and other thoughts related to it. (I snagged that last sentence from the About page.) Here are your Blog Tips: Doh! Did I just get spammed? When I first noticed the domain name with all those hyphens, that’s the first thought that hit me.

What is RSS? What’s a Feed? What’s a Channel?

While human beings can view HTML, in order for software platforms to consume content, it must be in a readable format. The format that’s the standard online is RSS and when you publish your latest posts in this format, it’s called your feed. With a platform like WordPress, your feed is automatically generated and you don’t have to do a thing. Imagine you could strip out all of your site’s design elements and just feed

No Better Birthday Present! 500 Feed Readers!

Content, Passion, Momentum… these are the three elements that I speak to my clients about when it comes to blogging. Some folks think that blogging is a narcissistic endeavor – especially when you talk about your own blogging success. The conflict, of course, is why would anyone listen to you if you are not successful? I post the number of feeds and keep my Technorati Rank and other information up to date so that I

My 10 Tips to Optimize Your Blog

Computer Shopper has an article on Optimizing Your Blog. The article has some advice that is useful but I don’t think they got their priorities right nor did they cover all the essentials. I’ve been steadily growing traffic to my blog over the last couple months. I’ve been carefully measuring my readership, the sources of my readers, and adjusting accordingly. I’ve learned a ton over the last few months. Here is my Top Ten: Don’t

ASP RSS Parser, Feed Reader

This weekend I’ve been glued to my laptop searching the net for web-based RSS feed readers. The reason is that I wanted to write an asp RSS feed reader that would display the feed so that the content could be automatically scraped into an HTML email. So for folks who want to reserve a portion of their email newsletter for their Blog or Publication articles, it could be easily incorporated. Since JavaScript doesn’t actually display