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Terminus: Closing More Deals with a Holistic Multi-Channel Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Approach

The most effective, smarter, and efficient marketing strategy is account-based marketing (ABM). Fueled by data-driven targeting and personalized multi-channel marketing strategies, ABM helps marketers increase conversions and grow revenue.

Terminus ABM Platform

What sets Terminus apart from other ABM platforms is how the platform proactively engages target accounts, enabling marketers to create more pipeline. Terminus truly offers a holistic approach to ABM because native, multi-channel engagement drives more results.

Terminus helps solve marketers’ biggest challenges of today: 

  • Generating traffic and leads.
  • Elevating brands to stand out from the competition.
  • Managing multiple marketing channels to expand brand outreach and awareness.
  • Learning about their customers.
  • Creating engaging content.
  • Complying with data-sharing and privacy regulations.
  • Delivering on customer expectations for more personalization and engagement.

The Terminus Engagement Hub

What do marketing teams need most to understand their customers? Data. The Terminus Engagement Hub offers a range of tools to help marketing teams understand and engage their customers, build their ideal customer profile (ICP), and leverage insights via customizable reporting and attribution to prove each channel’s impact. 

The hub empowers marketing teams to find their next customer, coordinate multi-channel campaigns, measure their entire marketing program, encourage sales teams to take action and build sustainable revenue.

Using Terminus’ wide range of engagement channels, marketers can create connected account experiences to increase intent.

  • Ad Experiences – allows marketing teams to grow brands globally by leveraging coordinated, personalized and scalable multi-channel campaigns that deliver messages across hundreds of ad networks to people all over the world. Marketers can programmatically access premium ad inventory, optimize their ad spend with contextual, cookie, and IP targeting, and tap connected TV and audio ads on growing channels like Spotify, Hulu, IPTV and more. 
  • Email Experiences – enables marketing teams to leverage emails into high-volume, targeted ad channels overflowing with analytics, intent data and IP mapping. Because banners are customized according to a recipient’s email address, emails have 100% targeting accuracy. Email campaigns can also be segmented via A/B testing, alt banners, internal-only, opportunity stage, recipient, sender-group or shuffle mode.
  • Chat Experiences – offers a conversational marketing solution native to an ABM platform to convert more website visitors. Terminus’ chatbot creates more relevant buyer journeys with its ability to book meetings 24/7, intelligently qualify inbound traffic, collect visitor data and use the connected tech stack to trigger sales automation and engagement.
  • Web Experiences – converts every web page into a personalized landing page via targeted pop-ups, overlays and embedded personalization to drive engagement. With Web Experiences, marketing teams can build better buyer journeys, easily create and dynamically promote relevant, personalized content and — by segmenting audiences and cultivating a better understanding of target accounts — optimize ad spend.

Profisee leveraged Web Experiences to create unified campaigns, personalizing user content experience by account, industry and personna, and 61% of its site visitors spent more time on web pages and conversions on high-value pages increased by 11%.

Terminus Profisee Customer Story
  • Measurement Studio – a user-friendly analytics and attribution engine, collects and provides all the insights marketing teams need to analyze the impact of go-to-market activities with a 360-degree view of the buyer journey. This platform collects and harnesses data from Advertising, Chat, Email and Web Experiences to generate comprehensive, strategic ABM campaigns.
  • Sales Experiences – generates powerful data in order to create new ways for engaging prospects, enabling sales reps work smarter — not harder. Sales teams gain easy access to actionable insights, pulling Terminus data into their CRMs, qualifying relationships to help forecast pipeline and identify the most engaged accounts based on email frequency. Sales experiences also empower teams to monitor intent signals and leverage account intelligence, engagement and buying journeys to optimize their ABM strategies. 

After only a quarter of using Terminus Sales Experiences, Bazaarvoice completely turned its ABM program around, seeing a 4X increase in enterprise revenue, a 33% increase in average deal size, 6X growth in its pipeline. Its SMB segment also saw revenue and pipeline growth, plus a 173% increase in average deal size.

Terminus Bazaarvoice Customer Story

Data You Can Trust

The most effective marketing campaigns are only as good as the data that informs them. The Terminus Data Studio gathers behavioral, CRM, firmographic, intent, MAP, and psychographic data to help marketers:

  • Achieve a unified view of account data.
  • Identify custom audience segments.
  • Create precise ICPs from first- and third-party data sources.
  • Uncover and prioritize accounts.

A major pain point for marketing teams? Knowing that most B2B CRM data is inaccurate and incomplete. Manually cleaning, duplicating, and activating data is slow and expensive — and can shrink revenue by 20%. 

Complementing the Terminus Data Studio is the Terminus CDP, specifically designed to resolve those issues, offering a full suite of solutions to clean, enrich and manage CRM data. By using Terminus CDP, clients have witnessed a 180%-300% increase in lead conversions, 20%-2% reduction in campaign error rates and 97% accuracy in contact and lead data.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The company, formerly SnackNation, originally delivered snacks to in-office employees. And then the pandemic forced everyone to work virtually. The company quickly rebranded to Caroo, pivoting to offer employee care packages in a work from anywhere world. 

Dye engaged Terminus to help set up and execute his vision of ABM and just 60 days later, Caroo launched its first use case. The companies used a four-phased approach:

  • Phase one involved identifying and procuring the tech needed to support an ABM program, gaining stakeholder buy-in and analyzing ICP to target the best accounts.
  • Phase two had the team working to document and define the program, auditing content, evaluating channels, preparing for enablement and developing a launch plan.
  • Phase three turned the team’s focus to building unique microsites, repurposing content where possible and preparing the company’s tech stack for implementation.
  • Phase four involved looping in the sales team for enablement. They launched ads and emails, built out reporting and drove the entire project.

Three weeks post-launch, the program engaged 85% of Caroo’s accounts and delivered three closed-won deals. The company identified 78 new contacts and opened 32 opportunities, and in less than one quarter, had built about $1 million in pipeline using ABM.

Read the Terminus Caroo Customer Story

No Platform Is An Island

The most effective marketing teams are armed with best-in-class tools and data. Terminus’ platform empowers marketing teams to create connected, multi-channel customer journeys and increase pipeline. It integrates critical components of the marketing technology stack — Marketo, Pardo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Eloqua and Microsoft Dynamics 365, for example — and leverages data across the Terminus Engagement Hub.

To facilitate collaboration, communication and coordination, Terminus integrates a range of tools including Crossbeam, Slack, PathFactory, Salesloft, Outreach, and others. Marketing teams can also connect Terminus to their web analytics tools — like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics — within the Engagement Hub to access critical, account-based traffic insights for prioritizing in-market accounts and alerting teams to activity spikes from potential customers.

Target The Right Customers, Every Time

Messages bombard people from all directions every single day, and people are increasingly tuning them out. The best marketing strategy uses a surround-sound approach, offering multiple impressions across a wide range of channels to communicate the same message. Our ABM platform gives marketers access to creating a little bit of something for everyone and delivering it in their preferred channels. ABM empowers companies to target the right customers, transform them into advocates and generate the maximum revenue.

Tim Kopp, CEO of Terminus

Among the key findings in its 2021 State of Modern Marketing report, Terminus learned:

  • 91% of respondents agree being able to target prospects and customers through a tailored approach, with personalized campaigns and sales outreach is something in which their organization is interested.
  • 87% agreed that augmenting traditional lead-based strategies with a stronger focus on account-based strategies is the best way to maximize revenue generation.
  • 87% agree their organization’s revenue team needs more data, marketing channels, and sales/marketing intelligence to make more well-informed decisions.
  • 95% worry that the disappearance of third-party data will negatively impact marketing efforts.

Download The 2021 State of Modern Marketing Report

It no longer makes good business sense to rely wholly on leads as the only source of truth for informing marketing strategy. Leveraging a variety of metrics and data — website visits, email campaign engagement, interaction with chatbots and more — to measure impact on accounts equips marketers to better understand true engagement and identify the accounts ready to take action. These functions aren’t mutually exclusive either; they work in concert, just as brand drives demand. And ABM is the secret sauce that brings it all together to drive highly effective engagement across the funnel. 

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Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr is the founder of the Martech Zone and CEO of DK New Media. Douglas has helped dozens of successful MarTech startups, has assisted in the due diligence of over $5 bil in Martech acquisitions and investments, and continues to assist companies in implementing and automating their sales and marketing strategies. Douglas is an internationally recognized digital transformation and MarTech expert and speaker. Douglas is also a published author of a Dummie's guide and a business leadership book.

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