Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes

online marketing mistakes

I’m not so sure I like the word mistake when it comes to online marketing. In my opinion, a mistake is something that can severely hurt your brand or reputation… but most companies don’t make those mistakes very often. This infographic from Prestige Marketing points to top mistakes identified by several leading resources in the online marketing industry.

One of the issues they point at – 83% of Facebook users say they rarely or never click on Facebook ads. Having built effective facebook advertising campaigns for some of our properties, I disagree that it was a mistake. The ads were inexpensive and drove the conversions we were seeking. As with all advice, the tips and lessons in this infographic should be tested before you write them off.

There are some helpful stats, though, like 49% of people who are happy with their recent purchase will open future emails 7x faster than those that haven’t made a purchase in the past 3 months. That’s the kind of stat that every marketer should leverage!

Top 5 Online Marketing Mistakes

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    Great infographic! Thanks for reminding and sharing this insight. Preventive measures is really important to earn success online.

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