How to Fully Leverage Twitter for Your Next Event

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One of the Twitter Chats we really enjoy participating in is Atomic Reach’s #AtomicChat. It’s a well-produced, pre-planned chat around various marketing topics on Twitter that happens every Monday at 9PM EST. Whenever I participate, I’m always impressed with just how perfect Twitter is as a medium for this event.

I’m not the only one that believes Twitter is great for events. Julius Solaris, author of Social Media for Events (a free ebook!) believes it’s fantastic as well and he’s put together this informative infographic on how to best use Twitter if you’re an event professional. Event professionals are using Twitter for seminars, award ceremonies, product launches, conventions, conferences, sporting events, trade shows, festivals, and exhibitions.

Twitter is a powerful tool for event professionals. This infographic will help you to successfully use Twitter for event marketing, PR, customer service, research and sales. Julius Solaris, Author of Social Media for Events.

The infographic provides some great advice on how to successfully use Twitter for event customer service, marketing your event, managing your event’s reputation, getting insights, assisting in sales, engaging during the event, and getting event feedback. I also think it’s a fantastic medium for live-tweeting what’s happening at the event! The infographic also provides statistics (a whopping 69% of Event Planners use Twitter for their events!) and some great tips for Twitter etiquette and best practices.

Be sure to read Julius’ free ebook on Social Media for Events!


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