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One of the cool things about being both a blog and having an agency is that our sponsors aren’t just writing a check every month, we’re actually consulting with them on their business efforts, utilizing their platforms, and both of us are benefiting from the relationship. I want to take some time to talk about the tools that we use… not all of them are sponsors, but they all help us every day.

flywheelOur blog is lightening fast and our uptime is better than it ever has been in the past. We have a highly customized platform that feeds our iPhone app, our email program and shares large infographic files without flinching. We love Flywheel!

postanoOur Mobile App is absolutely stunning thanks to the hard work of the team at Postano Mobile. Postano’s mobile platform utilizes our CMS as the base and then they built an incredible user interface with beautiful usability over it. The numbers don’t lie!

depositphotosIf pictures are worth a thousand words, Depositphotos helps to write more of our content than we do! With 167,000 results just on “Valentine’s Day”, you won’t have any problem finding a unique image for your site or blog. And Depositphotos is much more affordable than any of the other stock photo sites.

MindjetVisualizing our content strategies and our tasks has never been easy and more collaborative than with Mindjet’s mobile and desktop applications. They’re an incredible client and have been with us through thick and thin. Their Conspire blog is also a daily source of inspiration – read it!

tinderboxEvery proposal we put out is professional and beautiful… and easy. What used to take weeks now takes minutes thanks to our proposal management platform, Tinderbox. Great product with a great staff of professionals behind it!

formstackManaging payment processing and secure client information has never been easier and more safe than withFormstack . Their drag and drop interface for creating forms and landing pages is the best on the web… and they’ve been supporting the blog since its inception!

circupress-sq-logo-nameWe were so tired of spending so much money on email and so frustrated at integrating our newsletter that we had to partner and build our own email platform for WordPress. Circupress is an affordable solution and, if you love tinkering with WordPress templates, you’re going to love the fact that we use the WordPress API to create ours!

WordpressWe forget sometimes how amazing our content management system is – how easy it’s been to customize – and how well it performs. We can’t forget to thank WordPress for the amazing platform they’ve developed and the incredible improvements they continue to make. It’s why Stephen and I continue to develop and support free plugins like our Image Rotator plugin that’s been downloaded over 31,000 times!

Edge of the WebThere’s no way our podcast – which has surpassed 100,000 listeners, would be able to attract folks like Guy Kawasaki if we didn’t have a professionally developed show. Our partnership with Edge of the Web Radio with Site Strategics has been amazing. The resulting podcast and videos continue to set the standard for entertaining marketing programming.

hootsuite-logoManaging communications across our personal Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, Google+ accounts and LinkedIn was a disaster until we got our team up and using Hootsuite. Their desktop and mobile apps have made scheduling and publishing updates so much easier. We’re huge fans.

BufferWhereHootsuite misses the mark, Buffer takes up the slack. We love the WP to Buffer WordPress plugin. As we create and schedule content, Buffer publishes it at the perfect times.

viralheatWhen we needed a solution to monitor our social media marketing, we couldn’t afford many of the leaders in the industry. The folks at Viralheat set us up with a test account and it’s been great ever since. Their interface continues to evolve and their customer service has been outstanding. I’m glad that we found one another!

roiThe leaders running Right On Interactive aren’t just sponsors and clients, they’re also good friends of mine. As we speak to marketing automation and work within many of the systems, we respect Right On Interactive as a leader in the space. While other systems focus on the conventional lead funnel, ROI utilizes key customer attributes to help you score and communicate with your next customer… or enhance the relationship with your current customer.

Happy Valentine’s Day to our Loves! You’ll love them, too!

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