Video Email: It’s Time For Sales To Get Personal

Video for Sales

With the COVID-19 crisis, the ability for outside sales teams to maintain a personal connection with their prospects and clients was eliminated overnight. I’m a firm believer that handshakes are a critical element to the sales process, especially with larger engagements. People must be able to look one another in the eye and read body language to garner confidence in the investment they’re making and the partner they’re selecting.

To complicate things, the future of our economy is in question. As a result, sales teams are struggling to close deals… or even get companies to respond. I’m working on a startup right now with hundreds of thousands of dollars that were solidly in the pipeline… and our first deal has pushed back the date. Given that we assist companies with automation and integration, it’s a difficult time since we know we can help them.

Video for Sales Platforms

That said, we’re implementing video email solutions to assist our sales teams with improving their engagement with prospects and customers alike. Video doesn’t compare to in-person, but it does provide a more engaging opportunity to speak personally to a prospect or customer.

Video for sales platforms have some common features:

  • Record – record personalized videos via desktop, browser plugin, or mobile application.
  • CRM Integration – record the email to the lead, contact, account, opportunity, or case.
  • Enhancement – edit videos and add overlays and filters.
  • Alerts – monitor real-time video engagements and receive alerts.
  • Pages – landing page integration to view and respond to the video. Some even have calendaring integration for scheduling appointments.
  • Report – measure effectiveness with custom Reports and Dashboards.

Here are the more popular platforms:

  • BombBomb – Quickly and easily record, send, and track video emails to stand out in your prospects’, customers’ and employees’ inbox.

  • Covideo – Record and send personalized videos that improve response rates, increase sales opportunities and close more deals

  • Dubb – Grow your business with actionable video pages that can be sent anywhere with GIF previews. 

  • Loom – Sending a Loom is more efficient than typing long emails or spending your day in meetings having conversations that don’t need to happen in real-time.

Loom - Video Sharing

  • OneMob – Quickly create pages of content to engage prospects, customers, partners and employees

  • vidREACH – vidREACH is a personalized video email and sales engagement platform that helps businesses engage their audiences, bring in more leads and close more deals.

vidREACH Prospecting Video Outreach

Video for Sales Strategies

Everyone’s inbox is piled high right now and people are having a difficult time filtering the material that can actually provide value to their work. Here’s my personal advice on utilizing video for sales:

  1. Subject Line – Put video in your subject line with the value you bring.
  2. Be Brief – Don’t waste people’s time. Practice what you’re going to say and get directly to the point.
  3. Provide Value – In these unsure times, you need to provide value. If you’re just trying to make a sale, you’re going to be ignored.
  4. Offer Assistance – Provide the opportunity for your prospect or client to follow up.
  5. Equipment – Use a good web camera and microphone. If you don’t have a good microphone, a headset will often work.
  6. Mobile Video – If you record via mobile, try recording in landscape mode since people are going to open this in their email, likely on a desktop if they’re at their home office.
  7. Dress for Success – Sweats and yoga pants may be the best home office attire, but in order to exude confidence, it’s time to take a shower, shave, and dress for success. It will make you feel more confident and your recipient will get a great impression as well.
  8. Background – Don’t stand in front of a white wall. An office with some depth and warm colors behind you will be much more inviting.

Disclosure: I’m using an affiliate link for some of the tools in this article.

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