Design Cannot Rescue Failed Content

The Power of Visual Content

That’s a fantastic quote from Edward R. Tufte, author of The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, on this infographic from OneSpot.

Almost every day, we’re pitched an infographic to publish with our audience. We review every single one and we look for some basic elements:

  • Beautiful, rich design.
  • Supporting data.
  • A compelling story and/or actionable advice.

Most of the infographics we reject are simply blog posts that someone wrapped a beautiful design around. Infographics aren’t just a pretty picture. They should be a visual display of information that couldn’t simply be explained through text. The theme or story behind the infographic should carefully paint a picture that helps the observer understand and retain the information you’re providing. And data elements should support the story that you’re providing – making the observer understand the impact of the problem and/or solution.

Thanks to the epic success of Pinterest and Instagram, the visual web has become a powerful and necessary tool for content marketers. See why our brains crave images and discover some helpful tools to guide you in creating gorgeous visual content on the fly without a team of designers and art directors behind you. Erica Boynton, OneSpot

The infographic walks the content marketer through the various strategies – like photos, typography, charts and graphs, color, symbols, icons, videos and infographics – that help to visually disseminate the story you’re telling. And they supply the supporting data!

power of visuals

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