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This last week I was in a bit of a bind. I had to release a podcast but didn’t have the intro and outro with me. I did my best to record it myself, but having me on the intro and outro as well as the podcast didn’t sound professional. A quick search online and I found VoiceJungle, and I decided to give the service a try. The site had a ton of voices to browse through and a convenient interface where I could place the order directly.

Placing the order was simple. I found a voice (Amanda Elizabeth), uploaded my script for intros and outros for Off the Circle, and I had the voiceover within an hour. And the result was amazing for the price.

When submitting a voiceover script to talent, you can also include reference files with your order. Sharing music, video, or storyboards can help the talent get a feel for the whole project and give you just the right voiceover. Every VoiceJungle order comes with one FREE revision. Revisions may be requested for any reason, including script changes up to 10 seconds in length.

And before you approve and download your final voiceover, you can also share the preview with clients or other team members, even if they don’t have access to your account. In addition to your voiceover, VoiceJungle can provide:

  • Background Music – You can also find music to complement your script and add it to your order. They’ll do the mixing for you.
  • Spanish Translation – You can add Spanish translation for only $40 per 150 words. After your script is translated, you’ll receive your completed Spanish VO in 24 hours or less!

Tip: I paid for the 30-second option and asked my voiceover talent to record two different versions with a couple of different styles. Along with the script, I uploaded the music I’d already selected to provide the talent with the style I was going for.

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