What’s the Ideal Text Messaging Frequency?

SMS Marketing Strategy

There's probably no marketing channel more direct and with better redemption and response impact than text messaging (SMS). A company which neglects its SMS subscribers will see their text club dwindle and revenue along with it. At the other end of the spectrum, bombarding customers with messages is likely to annoy them and would most likely result in a multitude of unsubscribes.

The infographic details SMS marketing best practice and provides insights into the behavior of subscribers, including:

  • How to properly measure the lifetime value of a SMS subscriber.
  • How to properly get consent to market via SMS to your subscriber list.
  • How to research what text subscribers want and how often they want it.
  • How to establish key metrics and accurately measure your results.

Every permission-based marketer has to balance their messaging frequency, overall volume, and offers to ensure they're providing value to prospects. If you'd like some insight into building effective SMS marketing campaigns, we have another article on the 6 key elements of text message marketing.

With SMS messaging, this may be more important than any other medium given that a subscriber is giving permission to access them so personally. Neon SMS, a bulk text marketing company in Ireland, developed this infographic – How to Get the Balance Right in SMS Marketing to provide some tips, stats, and strategies for optimizing your text messaging strategy.

SMS Marketing Strategy

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