What’s Wrong With Your Business Card?

alex sittingBusiness cards have always been a fun exercise for me. I’ve always done something different with my business cards – first were my blogging cards with my photo, then packs of PostIt Notes, and most recently a slim card with a dispenser from Zazzle.

Today I was watching a teleseminar of Alex Mandossian in a business education series that I’m subscribing to and he pointed out a great opportunity that I’ve let slip past… three business cards in a row!

Some truths about business cards

  1. Most people don’t remember the person they got them from.
  2. Most are simply thrown away. You paid for something that rarely has a return on investment!
  3. Of those people that actually keep them, very few are ever acted upon… mostly because there’s often no reason to!

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What can be improved with your my business card?

  1. Put your photo on your business card. This will allow people to remember who you were!
  2. Alex states that you should include an ethical bribe. In other words, is there anything on your card that you can provide that will lead someone to take action? His example is a 1-800 number with a pre-recorded message. It’s impersonal and safe… and the person who calls it can benefit from the message.
  3. Include a message customized for the event you handed it out to. If you’re at a networking event, order some cards for those events. If you’re speaking at an event, include the event! If you’re at a conference… put the conference. By customizing the card to the event, you just supplied the recipient with a miniature billboard to invite them to making contact as well as providing a viral component. When Alex hands out 500 cards, he sees 2,000 visits to his sites and phone numbers. That’s a nice viral component!

I’m about to order another set of my business cards and I’m going to incorporate these tips. My photo will be added (sigh!), I’m going to include a link to a free download with some advice and tips, and I’m going to pre-record a better message on Google Voice with some frequently asked questions about my business.

Let me know if you’re interested in the business series I’m subscribing to. It’s a bit pricy, but if I get a single contract from giving away business cards, it will pay for the entire business series… and I’m just on the first video. I’ve gotten many compliments on my recent cards – but I can’t say that they’ve gone viral or gotten me business!


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    I wish I could cite my source, Doug, but I can't remember where I read this, quite some time ago: business cards with your picture are 50% less likely to be thrown into the trash. Maybe someone else can verify this.

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    You should use the paper airplane like nature of your logo in your cards. Maybe have your entire card be your logo upon first look but once it unfolds it has the info you mentioned in the post above. Might be hard to do but would be neat and rememorable for sure.

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    Doug check out my annonymous avatar, kind of goes along with the blog 🙂 I logged in with Twitter and have a Twitter avatar that is a pic of myself wonder why it didnt pop up

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    The overall feel at first look its that seams unfinished. I think more work on the side of typography and a more sharp background will help. Can’t say what to change but but you just ask an opinion.

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