The New Business “Cards” Are Here!

When I posted about purchasing some new business cards, I received some great recommendations. Included were metal business cards and even a business card using Wordle.

I decided to go in a completely opposite direction from my original cards. When folks hand me their business cards these days, I don’t have them for long – I get home and add them to Plaxo and LinkedIn and then I toss them – regardless of how beautiful they are. That inspired me to go with a new option:

Using a quick search, I found a company online that prints custom Post-It Note pads that are the size of a business card! I ordered a bunch of them and they got here within 2 weeks. The cards came out perfect, completely in line with the online tool I used to edit them. I selected a font that was easy to read and I designed them with a call out on the my site’s URL. I’m even encouraging folks to ‘Circle’ a topic so they can remember why we met or why to call me!

I really wanted something unique and believe these fit the bill. What do you think?

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    Can you tell me where you got those? I am in need of some new cards myself and would like to research this option. I live in Atlanta and will not have identical cards, but something like this could be very cool. Glad you like the idea I originally suggested.

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    Love ’em. Business cards are that “business cards” . They should state your products/services. Yellow OOhweee. These cards sure stand out. That’s what you call “marketing”

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    Now that is a cool design.

    I think you could use that on an actual business card and make it even better using both sides. On one side have a headshot of you (so they remember what you look like), your details and an invitation to get a free [something] at your site, then have the (circle) list on the other.

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    Doug… what a great idea! At a recent TechCom gathering I handed out my contact info on the back of those drink post-its Starbucks uses when patrons bring their own cup. I asked for a handful of them to mark up my own drinks, but wound up using them for contact info. I just may have to go your route next!

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