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Blogging is Mainstream… Are You?

We continue to see solid, consistent sales of Corporate Blogging for Dummies over a year after the book went on sale. According to a UMass study, social media activity is beginning to plateau for Fortune 500 companies. We did a recent Zoomerang Poll to find out if companies were blogging, planning to blogging, or already have been for over a year. Our results were consistent with the UMass report.

Tomorrow, we’re heading out to BlogWorld Expo – the world largest blogging and social media conference. Although the economy is down, the conference will be packed and include over 300 speakers at the Los Angeles Conference Center… with guests filling 4 hotels in the region. Although the news seems pessimistic, it’s quite the opposite – social media and blogging is now mainstream for the average business.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you don’t have an online presence and are building authority in your industry online, your competitors are… or are ramping up. If you had asked me a year ago about the return on investment that social media could bring your organization, I may have steered you to search marketing efforts instead. No more. Search marketing is a foundation for all of our clients’ strategies… but in order to rank appropriately and with authority, you must have a great online presence.

Companies that are introverted or don’t have a social culture aren’t necessarily in trouble, though. If you don’t have a social media presence and you’re struggling to building… it’s simple. Just find someone in the space already that has the authority, and enlist their assistance. Hire them, sponsor their blog, compensate them to endorse you… whatever it takes. You can disclose the engagement… but don’t hesitate to do it. Those resources will dry up soon, too!

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