Decoding Google Analytics

Google Analytics

For our clients that are investing in a paid analytics platform, there’s a great return on investment since they fully leverage the features and integration that those platforms offer above and beyond Google Analytics.

That said, we don’t have anyone that’s NOT running Google Analytics as well, though. Why? Because Google Analytics has the unfair advantage of integration to Google+, Webmaster and Adwords data. Of course, it has the unfair advantage of not having access to Facebook data – the largest social interaction site in the world.

From the American Express Open Forum article, Decoding Google Analytics: If you are Web savvy enough to register your business site with Google Analytics, pat yourself on the back. But how much do you really know about the data you’re receiving? What improvements can you make based on that feedback? Here’s an introduction to key metrics to help you get more clicks and get customers to buy.

Decoding Google Analytics


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    Your points are presented inside a unique way and also the submissions are well-written. I truly loved this reading through.

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    Good article. I have used Google analytics for years but year ago I switch to Piwik. Today I use it for all sites. It is perfect tool for site statistics and in many ways better then Google analytics. In my opinion!
    I am in no way associated whit Piwik, only as a user.

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    This is a really nice infographic, but I think that all of these are the basics for every blog and website owner. Everyone in the “internet sphere” should understand these and be able to draw some conclusions from them. But anyways, thanks for sharing it with us, Douglas.

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