Your Ecommerce Product Detail Page Element Checklist

ecommerce product detail page

We recently helped an e-commerce site optimize their web presence. They were running on proprietary software so they had quite a backlog of development work to do to improve overall search ranking. However, even given those roadblocks, there were huge opportunities to increase conversion rates. We rebranded the company to modernize the look and feel, we established a voice that was authoritative and trustworthy, and we helped them reskin their web interface and email communications to be mobile responsive. The end result was conversion rates over 23% higher year over year with only those changes.

Companies sometimes get too caught up and overwhelmed with everything they should do instead of working on the hitlist of elements that they could be correcting. Every improvement adds up… and as you continue to enhance the user’s buying experience more and more, those numbers can get huge. For this client, those numbers can produce millions of dollars to the bottom line.

Above the Fold Ecommerce Product Page Elements

While I love this infographic, they may have forgotten one of the most important elements of any ecommerce site in general… an internal search form! Many users will land on a product page from search, social, or advertisements but the product may not be exactly what they’re looking for. 30% of your ecommerce site’s visitors will use an internal search

  1. Phone Number
  2. Breadcrumbs
  3. Product Title
  4. Ratings and Reviews
  5. Ratings Schema Tags
  6. Additional Photos
  7. Product Video
  8. Discounts
  9. Pricing
  10. In Stock
  11. Free Shipping or Shipping Costs
  12. Product Options
  13. Pricing Schema Tag
  14. Add to Cart or Buy Button
  15. Features
  16. Add to Wish List
  17. Social Sharing Buttons

Below the Fold Product Page Elements

If you want to see a company that tests a ton and gets incredible results, check out Amazon product pages. I think companies are often shy about adding features and functionality to their product pages. The more information, the better. You shouldn’t make your visitors have to search far to find the information that they require to make a purchase decision.

  1. Product Details
  2. Product SKU/Code
  3. Clean and Easy to Read Fonts
  4. Product Dimensions
  5. Product Weight
  6. Product Origin
  7. Comparison Table
  8. Detailed Customer Reviews
  9. Review Form to Leave a Review
  10. Trust Badges
  11. Call to Action
  12. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  13. Question Form
  14. Related Products
  15. Return Policy
  16. Guarantees of Warranties

Footer Product Page Elements

We’d recommend an About Us link to bring people to a page that distinguishes your company from your competitors. Photos of your staff, your facility, and any type of philanthropy or passions you have should be there to personally engage them.

  1. Customer Service Options
  2. Links to Return Policy, Refund Policy, and Shipping Policy
  3. Links to Main Product Category Pages
  4. Links to Company Social Media Pages
  5. Newsletter Sign-up Form

SEO Elements for a Product Page

Search optimization requires both visible and meta elements to be properly constructed and utilized on your page. Even the use of subheadings, bold, and emphatic text can make a difference.

  1. Optimize Page Title
  2. Optimize Meta Description
  3. Name of the Product in H1 Tag
  4. Product Image Alt Tags
  5. Canonical Tags
  6. Google Analytics
  7. Google Search Console (Webmasters)
  8. Search Engine Friendly URL Structure

Ecommerce Product Page Technical Requirements

Schema tags were mentioned above, but Opengraph tags for social integration are also great to have so that you can specify the photo, title and description of the product when shared online.

  1. Mobile Responsive
  2. Loading Speed of the Page
  3. Cross-Browser Compatibility

Download the Ebook on Product Page Design

Here’s the full infographic from 99MediaLab, 49 Design Elements your Product Detail Page Must Have:

Ecommerce Product Detail Page

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