Why You Should Unsubscribe Today

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Each day, Martech Zone sends out an email via CircuPress that automatically converts the blog's feed to nicely formatted HTML email. There's only a couple hundred folks that take advantage of it – a fraction of the readership of this blog on a daily basis. That's okay… it's a niche and feeds those who want it. I don't try to artificially grow the list, it's got great retention and does the trick for those who want my blog in their inbox.

Email is a push marketing channel. I'm a huge advocate of permission-based email marketing but I believe the majority of companies utilize email ineffectively.

  • Email marketers don't measure their email list retention, they only pay attention to how many are on the list at any one time. Your list acquisition may be outpacing your retention. If you're getting a lot of unsubscribes, you need to fix something sooner rather than later.
  • Email marketers believe that incredibly low open and conversion rates are good when they're above industry averages. Folks, a 4% click-through rate off of an email is a 96% failure rate and not something to celebrate.
  • Email marketers often have a calendar that requires them to publish, regardless of whether or not the content is crap or not. I get emails in my inbox every week and I seriously wonder how the company possibly thought there was something intriguing enough to send it.
  • Email marketers believe in email math: If 10 people purchased from my list of 1,000 on my weekly email, I can double sales with 2 emails per week. It's like printing money. No… it's not. More lackluster emails may initially provide an increase in sales, but ultimately you're going to lose valuable subscribers.

Although the cost of email marketing is plummeting, it still costs companies a lot of time and some money to send email. I haven't tried to push my email or dress it up because I'm not sure it will do well with readers. Perhaps if I can have dedicated content in the email down the road – but I'm not going to send out crappy emails for the sake of trying to get a few more eyeballs.

The best thing you can do for a company who sends a crappy email is to unsubscribe. Don't wait for the email to get better – send them a message today. Clean up your inbox.

What do you think?

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