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Explainer Video on Explainer Videos: An Undervalued Tool for Marketers

With consumer attention spans continually on the decline, marketers and brands must communicate the what, why, and how without information overload. Research has found that presentations with words and images are 50% more effective when communicated verbally. So why are so many brands filling their home page with text alone?

Cue the explainer video. Savvy marketers value their audience’s time, and use visual communication, like explainer videos, to maximize viewer comprehension. The efficacy here on the dual channel hypothesis, which states that the brain receives information through 2 channels: our eyes and our ears.

If too much information comes into either one, there can be an overload, which leads to a decrease in comprehension. A voice-over allows the viewer to activate the auditory region of their brain, while the eyes can focus on the images, allowing for greater retainment of information.

Column Five demonstrates the value of this helpful tool, and the science behind it, in the explainer video about explainer videos below:

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How can you combine different marketing techniques in B2B?

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    Video marketing also plays a great role for credibility. This will prove your audience that you’re not just a make up persona with a ghost writer, that you’re a real person and capable of engagement. Well explained Kelsey. 🙂

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