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We’ve been focusing quite a bit on video this morning because it’s such a key element of every strategy. Animation provides an incredible opportunity. We have a fantastic animator in our office but development, production and rendering of the animated videos can take weeks.

GoAnimate is a platform where any business can create and manage their own animated videos. And right now you can save 40% on a 3 Month business subscription using our affiliate link!

And don’t forget their are benefits of animation over recorded video. Animated video lets you tell your story out loud! You’re not passively capturing events with a camera. You’re making emphatic points, clearly and without constraints.

  • Bend the laws of nature – Animation, with its ability to slide scales and bend the laws of nature, provides the flexibility to really bring product benefits to life.
  • Give context to your ideas – Imagine starting on a closeup of a tree, then zooming out to show the entire forest, then blasting up into the sky for the BIG top view. Animated video makes it simple to put it all in perspective.
  • Represent diversity – Our characters can be customized into hundreds of different shades of color. Represent diversity effectively, without having to cast actors of a specific race or background.
  • Explore different ways – With animated video, you are not constrained by video footage. Switch backgrounds, move characters, add props. Test different ways to communicate your message.
  • Change thoughts into visuals – Animation is good at demonstrating the steps in a process. It is even better at demonstrating the thinking behind a process, by adapting from literal to conceptual with ease.

And if you are so lucky that you have a graphic designer in-house, you can even upload your own images! Save 40% on a 3 Month business subscription today!.


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    Animated Videos are the main choice of advertising strategy especially in social media. It allows the brand or service get introduced and recognized to audiences faster compared to just posting words or pictures. The retention rate is also higher compared to traditional advertisements.

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