How We Repurpose Content Successfully

how to repurpose your content

I was invited into a discussion on a couple weeks ago that was an excellent conversation on repurposing content. We see a lot of companies continue to struggle with generating content – and repurposing content isn't just a lazy way to reshare content, it's a fantastic way to optimize your content strategy.

For Martech, we write between 5 and 15 articles a week. Many of those are curated content that we add color and description, too. This post is a great example – the topic of How to Repurpose Content is one I've been meaning to write about, but the infographic developed by ExpressWriters spurred me to complete the post and provide my own advice.

We repurpose content with three separate strategies:

  1. Reviving Content – We often notice that an older, out of date, article continues to get attention on the blog so we go out and research the topic all over, update images, try to find a video, and republish the article at the identical URL as new. Because the article already had search authority, it tends to perform even better in search engines. And because the article was shared a bunch, the share indicators on our buttons drive even more sharing. Don't let great content die!
  2. Cross Medium – This infographic speaks a lot to the opportunity to present the same topic across mediums. We do this as well, discussing our posts on our marketing podcast and doing marketing videos. We also collectively utilize them for whitepapers, ebooks and infographics from time to time.
  3. Digging Deeper – We developed a successful strategy with our clients for helping them to build authority with content, not just produce an endless stream of it. That topic took off and we were asked to present on it, write a whitepaper on it, and have dug deeper into researching the topic. Sometimes you write a great article and the response is “meh”. But other times you write an article and it takes off! Take the opportunity to dig deeper into those popular articles – you can repurpose them as infographics, whitepapers, webinars and presentations.

An infographic is shared and viewed, on average, 30 times greater than a blog post – so you can see how taking your article and creating a visual from it can drive much more attention to the topic. Expresswriters recommend turning your articles into presentations, guides, evergreen content, infographics, podcasts and videos.

How to Repurpose Content

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