Mindmapping 101: Mindmapping Principles

mind mapping principles

We recently signed up for the online version of Mindjet, our client and a technology sponsor on Martech. They have a 25% off special running through the weekend! I’m fairly new to mindmapping and came across a fantastic mindmap shared on Maps for That which shows the principles of Mindmapping.

What I appreciate most about mindmapping is that I can quickly organize my thoughts in a hierarchical manner down to a finite level of detail. This mindmap walks through why folks use mindmaps and how they’re beneficial to both left and right side brains, how to start designing your mindmap and how to utilize all the tools to differentiate each of the branches, topics, subtopics and actions. Mindjet even allows you to hyperlink the branches, add tasks, as well as share and collaborate with team members.

Within our marketing efforts, we’ve utilized mindmaps to brainstorm, deliver keyword research, plan campaigns, develop software features, and document how our business works as a whole. It’s quite an addictive technology – saving time and developing maps that clearly and cleanly describe your plans or processes.


Here’s a quick start video on how folks are using Mindjet to develop mindmaps:

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