5 Ways Cloud-based Order Management Systems Help You Get Closer to Your Customers

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2016 will be the year of the B2B Customer. Companies of all industries are beginning to realize the importance of delivering personalized, customer-centric content and responding to buyers’ needs to remain relevant. B2B companies are finding the need to adjust their product marketing strategies to appease the B2C-like shopping behaviors of younger generation buyers.

Faxes, catalogs, and call centers are fading away within the B2B world as eCommerce evolves to better address buyers’ changing needs. B2B businesses are able to create a customer-centric experience and take 2016 on by storm with the right solution.

What is an Order Management System?

An order management system, or OMS, is a platform used for order entry and processing. Order management involves multiple steps in the order process, including the data capture, validation, fraud check, payment authorization, product sourcing, backorder management, and shipping communications. Order Management Systems are highly integrated platforms in the e-commerce industry.

OrderCloud by Four51 is the most flexible, fast and comprehensive cloud-based solution to solve your order management needs. Here are five ways OrderCloud helps you get closer to your customers

  1. Reach the mobile millennials – OrderCloud is built on a fully responsive platform, allowing your buyers to make purchases 24x7x365 at work, at home, or on-the-go. This is of growing importance as millennials now occupy 34% of business positions in 2015 compared to 29% for baby boomers (The Economist). This digital-first generation requires a seamless omnichannel experience, as 87% of millennials use between two and three technical devices daily (Forbes). OrderCloud creates a strong customer experience that adapts to today’s B2B buyer, driving the industry forward.
  2. Create a B2C-like experience – The B2C industry has mastered eCommerce and it’s time for B2B to follow. B2B buyers have come to expect the online shopping experience they have become accustomed to as consumers themselves. OrderCloud makes it easy for B2B companies to incorporate B2C-like capabilities, such as personalized merchandise, simple checkout processes, product search, and an intuitive interface. 83% of B2B buyers think suppliers’ websites are the best places to buy, but only 37% believe brands execute this well (Acquity Group).
  3. Get to market faster – OrderCloud is built on an open platform and provides the necessary tools for developers to use it. With this functionality, businesses can create customized eCommerce solutions light-years faster, with the power to add, delete, and modify functionalities as it’s being built. Now you have the ability to empower your developers and solve your customers’ needs faster, rather than planning for months in advance through your vendor.
  4. Build what you need – The days of trying to find one software giant to cover all of your business needs are over. OrderCloud easily integrates with any of your ERP, CRM, analytics or marketing software. This gives you the power to build what your business needs, and maximize the impact of your solution.
  5. Create a comprehensive solution– OrderCloud was built on 16 years of solving complex B2B problems. This comprehensive set of functionalities was built in the cloud from the first line of code, allowing your solution to scale endlessly. Everything, whether it be price schedules, approval rules, product zoom, upsells, languages, or currencies, was built to grow with and adapt to your business.

It’s easier than ever to keep the customer at the center of all you do and continue to move your business forward with a cloud-based order management system. Download Four51’s free eBook to learn more about why 2016 is the Year of the B2B Customer.

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