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As a small business, I always struggled with sales. It wasn’t the sales strategy that was the issue, it was the resources need to continue helping prospects get to the finish line. It was actually a key reason why I launched our Salesforce Partner company, Highbridge. My partners absolutely understood that having processes and resources in place to move the sales journey forward are a foundation of a growing business. As long as I was on my own, I would be successful… but I wouldn’t be growing.

The next challenge is the multi-tasking that’s required to assist clients. I’m truly amazed at how my VP of Business Development is tracking and touching dozens of partners, agencies, and prospects on a weekly basis. My brain simply can’t accomplish this. I’m often calling him 15 minutes before a meeting asking him to remind me what who the prospect is and why we’re talking to them!

Sales engagement is critical to the sales process. Being attentive to prospect needs and helping them take the next step accelerates the journey and the engagement builds trust with your prospect that you’re a reliable partner.

Outbound Sales Strategies

Before looking for a sales automation tool, I’d highly recommend that you rethink how to use one of these platforms, though. I am inundated via email with tools that continue just to nag, nag, nag me with messages asking if I got the last message. I know that this is a tool doing this and it’s infuriating. Rather than respond, I unsubscribe or report those emails as junk. In other words, you can do more damage with sales engagement platforms than you can do good – if you’re not utilizing them to their full potential.

As you develop your automation, I’d highly recommend utilizing every touchpoint to add value to the conversation. So, instead of an automated message that asks if I received your last message… instead an email that says, something like this might be better:


I didn’t receive any response to the last message and hope I’m not bothering you. If you’re not interested in our [product, service, etc.], please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know. Meanwhile, we have a great resource library available to help you research whether or not we will be of value.

* Use cases from industries like yours. [link]
* An ebook we wrote on the topic. [link]
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Amanda Salesperson

I did a few things in this small example that are critical:

  1. I gave the prospect permission to let me know they’re not interested. People genuinely don’t like to tell others to stop selling… so giving your prospect permission to say no is essential. It let’s you stop bugging them and it gives them respect that you’re not just going to nag them non-stop.
  2. I gave updated resource information that can help them self-drive their customer journey.
  3. I personalized the resources to their industry and provided both short and long-form information to them so they can digest the volume of information they choose.
  4. I provided them a way to set up a meeting without responding to the email, which can exit them out of the playbook and onto the next step into the sales journey.

Outplay has published an ebook that incorporates the sales playbook strategies of over 30 companies:

Top Performing Sales Sequences

About Outplay

Outplay is a multi-channel engagement platform that has everything you need under one platform to help you exponentially increase your ability to scale more engagement with each of your sales representatives. Utilizing a dialer to capture call events and launch your next call, email to automatically follow up on requests that haven’t been responded to, chat to engage website visitors, an appointment booking engine for meetings, and comprehensive analytics to measure and optimize your sales workflow is all available in one platform.

Outplay Features Include:

  • Analytics – Stay ahead of the game with in-detailed per sequence analytics at the individual and team level.
  • Automation – Automate your sales workflows, save time and never miss a deal.
  • Chat – Chat is part of our daily routine and the faster communication channel of all. Now, chat with your prospects when they visit your website and book meetings instantly.
  • Dialer – Worldwide calling and a ton other dialer features to close deals faster. Log call notes automatically into your CRM.
  • Email tracking – Industry best email open tracking, link click tracking, and reply detection to enable you to reach your prospects at scale with confidence.
  • Integrations – Integrations with Salesforce, Crelate, Zapiet, Gmail, and Pipedrive.
  • Meeting-booker – Share your calendar right inside email and book meetings with your prospects instantly, without back and forth emails. Reminders are here to help you reduce no-shows.
  • Multichannel – Reach your prospects wherever they are and start conversations faster with a multichannel communication strategy.
  • Productivity tools – Chrome extension that puts your email on steroids with features like open tracking, link tracking, send later, reminders, meetings, templates, and sequences.
  • Task execution – Designed to execute sequence tasks at the speed of light at scale saving 2hrs/day of reps time. Know what tasks to perform, when, and run all without having to browse between pages.
  • Website Tracking – Visit notifications and prospects browsing behavior of your website helps you read their mind and personalize the conversations to stand out and convert faster.

Outplay has a 14-Day Free Trial that you can sign up for to check out their platform:

Outplay Free Trial

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