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For over a decade, I’ve been a power user and ambassador for Agorapulse. You can click through to the full article, but I’ll just reiterate that it’s the easiest social media management platform on the market. Agorapulse is integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, Instagram, and even Youtube.

The company is amazing, too, providing a constant flow of tips, strategies, and enhancements since its inception. Another fantastic resource that Agorapulse has is their academy where they provide you with a certification course that incorporates social publishing, social media management, social media listening, and social media reporting.

Social Media Education and Training

Agorapulse Academy is ideal for marketing professionals who are new to social media or want to supplement their existing knowledge with up-to-date courseware. Best of all, the academy is The Shortcut (that’s the course nickname) that combines the platform with the strategies your company or staff needs to be successful.

The course combines videos with industry leaders, lesson material, and then walks you through application of the tactic or strategy within the Agorapulse platform. Here are the chapters:

  1. Social Publishing Tools – this chapter includes publishing to one or more profiles, scheduling and managing scheduled posts, building custom publishing groups, queuing and managing queued posts, uploading bulk content, team workflows, shared calendars, applying reporting labels, and using the mobile application and chrome extension.
  2. Managing Social Conversations – the social media inbox, collecting ad comments, taking actions with filters, replies and reviews, saving replies, labeling, bookmarking, hiding, and assigning replies, using the inbox assistant, and profiling users.
  3. Social Media Reporting – viewing reports, exporting reports, working with labels, and building power reports.
  4. Social Media Listening – listening by social media network (except Facebook and LinkedIn which won’t allow it), monitoring and updating sentiment, by your profile mentions, by unofficial mentions, or keyword, by URL, as well as managing your listening results.

Each of the chapters ends in a practice quiz (which doesn’t impact your certification exam) but provides you with the information you may wish to retake. There are also recommended activities for you to login to your Agorapulse account to take.

Agorapulse Certification

This certification exam tests your knowledge of the essential elements of social media marketing that all social media practitioners should know. Passing this exam and earning your certification will allow you to showcase your skills and expertise in social media and actually become a practitioner with Agorapulse.

I took the course today and I’m (officially) an Agorapulse expert!

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Disclosure: I’m an Agorapulse Ambassador and an Affiliate.

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