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As social media is maturing as a marketing channel, I do believe it’s important that we have some established standards for providing a baseline understanding of how business can leverage social media to improve business results. Hootsuite University offers professionals the opportunity to stay up to date in today’s rapidly changing media landscape through social media education and industry-recognized certification. Since 2011, over 100,000 success-minded social media professionals have obtained accredited training, education and certification from Hootsuite University.

Social Media Education and Training

Hootsuite University is ideal for marketing professionals who are new to social media or want to supplement their existing knowledge with up-to-date courseware. The fundamentals of social media marketing training series provides a basic and intermedia course selection as well as a certification exam. Courses include:

  • Introduction to Social Media Marketing – teaches how businesses and professionals can leverage multiple social networks and their millions of users. You will discover who is using social media and which networks appeal to which demographics. You’ll get a basic overview of the importance of using social media to market your business and how social media can help you drive business goals. This course will provide a historical overview of the most popular social networks used by and how businesses can leverage these networks to engage with their prospective and current customers and accomplish their business goals.
  • Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles – Whether you’ve already established a social media presence for your business or you’re just getting ready to create your first Facebook Page and Twitter Profile, the Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles course will teach you the essential elements of each social network profile you must focus on before you hit “Publish.” Each lesson will focus on one social network and dive into the details of maximizing the strength of their unique features so you can confidently put together a powerful Twitter profile, Facebook Page, Instagram profile and LinkedIn Company page. Learn the network specific features, tips and tricks for a professional and engaging social media presence as well as the the best practices you should always keep in mind so you can set your company up for long-term success.
  • Social Media Strategy – from A to Z – Over the last few years, social media has revolutionized communication for people and businesses alike. As your business adapts to this development, it can be difficult to know exactly how to best devote your resources and energy. A well thought out, and well-documented social media strategy is a foundational piece of your business’ social media success. This course will turn your attention to the elements of your business you must consider when developing a social media strategy, the goals you want your social efforts to achieve and the various ways you can use social media to support your business objectives.
  • Growing Your Online Community – A strong social media community of engaged customers, curious prospects and excited brand advocates can go a long way in growing the success of your business. But how do you build an online community that people actually want to join? In this three part course, you’ll begin by learning how to develop a community building philosophy that lays a foundation of trust and goodwill with your audience. You will move onto exploring the different ways you can grow a following of relevant, interested people through influencer marketing and brand advocacy programs. In the last lesson, you will gain insight into the unique benefits and challenges of various social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram from a community-building perspective.
  • Content Marketing Fundamentals – Sharing content that is informative, entertaining and timely is a key element of a successful social strategy. It’s also the biggest pain point for many businesses— how can your company find and produce enough great content to keep your followers engaged? In this course you will learn the essential components of content strategy and the value of implementing one. You will follow along with a tactical guide for curating and creating content and putting together a content calendar. The last lesson will take you through the best practices for sharing your content across the top five social networks.
  • Social Advertising Fundamentals – Social media advertising is a quickly growing industry. Integrating social media ads into your social media marketing plan can help you boost the reach of your content, grow your online community and capture the interest of prospective customers. This four part course will focus on getting started with social ads. First, you will learn how to draw insights from your social media strategy to inform your social advertising decisions and the best practices that stand the test of time for every social advertising platform. The following three lessons will take a granular look at Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising options and the unique ways you can leverage each network’s offerings to grow your business.

Hootsuite Certification

This certification exam tests your knowledge of the essential elements of social media marketing that all social media practitioners should know. Passing this exam and earning your certification will allow you to showcase your skills and expertise in social media marketing strategies, community building, content marketing and social media advertising. Certification includes one year of exclusive membership in Hootsuite’s Certified Professionals Directory.

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