Confident Technologies Advances CAPTCHA

I hate Captcha technologies. Captcha is the antithesis of usability. Rather than making it easy for users, the technology purposely interrupts users so it can thwart hacking scripts. Not to mention that CAPTCHA is bypassed by newer crowdsourcing and OCR technologies. CAPTCHA: Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart Thankfully, someone else thinks it’s terrible as well. Confident Technologies have invented a new means of authenticating users while blocking hacking scripts

Video: Content versus Backlinks

A lot of folks spend and sell their time on the optimization of their website, and wind up scratching their heads when another site has greater ranking but isn’t optimized. It’s because optimizing the content is only half the battle, it’s getting the attention of other sites that really pushes your site up the Search Results. The search engine’s job is to provide relevant results. If a lot of other well-respected sites point to you

Use Some Ingenuity and Avoid Captcha

Perhaps one of the worst user experiences I continue to run into on the web is Captcha technology. Captcha is when a an image is generated with numbers, letters, and sometimes words tha you need to retype into another field. This is to thwart automated form posts from comment spammers. Since they can’t decipher the code, they can’t submit the bogus posts. Captcha Flaws It’s an interruptive technology. I can’t tell you how many times