Marketing Campaign Planning Checklist: 10 Steps To Superior Results

As I continue to work with clients on their marketing campaigns and initiatives, I often find that there are gaps in their marketing campaigns that prevent them from meeting their maximum potential. Some findings: Lack of clarity – Marketers often overlap steps in the buying journey that don’t provide clarity and focus on the purpose of the audience. Lack of direction – Marketers often do a great job designing a campaign but miss the most

Marketing Needs Quality Data to be Data-Driven – Struggles & Solutions

Marketers are under extreme pressure to be data-driven. Yet, you won’t find marketers talking about poor data quality or questioning the lack of data management and data ownership within their organizations. Instead, they strive to be data-driven with bad data. Tragic irony!  For most marketers, problems like incomplete data, typos, and duplicates are not even recognized as a problem. They’d spend hours fixing mistakes on Excel, or they’d be researching for plugins to connect data

How Your Sales and Marketing Teams Can Stop Contributing To Digital Fatigue

The last couple of years has been an incredible challenge for me. On the personal side, I was blessed with my first grandchild. On the business side, I joined forces with some colleagues that I highly respect and we’re building a digital transformation consultancy that’s really taking off. Of course, in the middle of that, there’s been a pandemic that derailed our pipeline and hiring… which is back on track now. Throw in this publication,

Survey Results: How Are Marketers Responding to the Pandemic and Lockdowns?

As the lockdown eases and more employees head back to the office, we were interested in investigating the challenges small businesses have faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, what they have been doing over lockdown to develop their business, any upskilling they’ve done, the technology they’ve used over this time, and what their plans and outlook for the future are.  The team at surveyed 100 small businesses about how they’ve managed during the lockdown. 80% of

Why Sales and Marketing Teams Need Cloud ERP

Marketing and sales leaders are integral components in driving company revenue. The marketing department plays a vital role in promoting the business, detailing its offerings, and establishing its differentiators. Marketing also generates interest in the product and creates leads or prospects. In concert, sales teams focus on converting prospects to paying customers. The functions are closely intertwined and critical to the overall success of a business. Given the impact sales and marketing have on the