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Tips from High-Converting Sites

There is nothing more disappointing than having a successful paid ad campaign that drove tons of traffic to your site but resulted in low conversions. Unfortunately, many digital marketers have experienced this, and the solution is the same: optimize your site with high-converting content. In the end, the hardest part is not getting the person to the door, it’s getting them inside. 

After working with hundreds of sites, we have come across the following tips and tricks that lead to high conversion rates. But, before diving into the dos and don’ts, it’s important to first define what we mean when we say conversion.

Conversion Rates for Digital Marketers

The term “conversion” is pretty vague. Marketers have many different types of conversions they need to keep track of. Here are a few of the most important to digital marketers.

  • Converting visitors to subscribers – You might find it hard to believe, but it can be easier getting brand-new people to visit your site than the number of people who are converted.
    Problem: People are wary to hand out their email addresses because they don’t want to be spammed.
  • Converting visitors to shoppers – Getting visitors to actually pull the trigger and hand over his or her credit card is one of the most difficult conversions to achieve, but with the right tools, smart companies are doing it daily.
    Problem: Unless your product is really one-of-a-kind, chances are you have some competition, so it’s super important you make the checkout experience as best as possible, so people don’t drop off before completing the purchase.
  • Converting one-time visitors to loyal, returning fans – To get customers to reengage with your content, it’s imperative you get their email address for ongoing communication and future promotions.
    Problem: Customers are not as loyal as they used to be. With so many options available at the click of a button, it is harder for companies to retain them.

Solution: Content with High Conversion Rates

Not all hope is lost. To increase your site’s conversion rates, we have put together a list of the most successful ways we’ve seen sites use in order to increase conversion rates.

Personalized Popups

Personalized Popups

Not everyone is created equal and neither should the messages they receive. In fact, did you know that a single magazine issue has more than one cover? Depending on where you live determines which cover you see.
An eCommerce shop, for example, can personalize its messages based on a variety of factors including the following:

  • If the visitor is from California, then offer 20% OFF on swimwear.
  • If the visitor is idle on page X for two seconds, then show a message asking if the person needs assistance.
  • If it is the visitor’s first time on the site, then show them a survey that will help them find what they are looking for.
  • If the visitor is using an iOS device, then show them a popup directing them to download the app in the iOS store.
  • If the user visits your site between the hours of noon and 4pm and is located within 50 miles, then offer him or her a coupon for lunch.

Interactive Content

Interactive content

Interactive content has a much higher engagement rate than static content obviously, so utilizing interactive formats that lead users to take action are a perfect tool for conversions as long as you place a call-to-action somewhere.

Quizzes and Polls

Quizzes and Polls

These are great for a variety of reasons including: Ask users to provide their email addresses in order to see results. Put a lead form at the end asking quiz takers to sign up for personalized recommendations based on their unique results.



These provide companies a unique opportunity to offer personalization and assistance 24/7. It’s no longer necessary to lose potential conversions because visitors couldn’t find the support or assistance needed. Ask new users if they need help finding anything, then ask a series of questions that allows you to offer personalized recommendations. Adding a lead form, allows the visitor to leave their information, so you can get back to him or her as soon as possible.

How to Find Out Your Site’s Conversion Rate

Calculating your conversion rate is not as scary as it may seem. It’s simple with a tracking program such as Google Analytics. Or, if you would rather do it manually, there is a well-known, tried-and-true calculation. First, you need to know how many people visited and how many people converted. Simply divide the number of people who converted by the total website visitor count, then multiply the results by 100.

If you have multiple conversion opportunities such as downloading an ebook, signing up for a webinar, registering to the platform, etc., then you should calculate this metric in the following ways:

  • Calculate each conversion separately using only the sessions from the pages where the offer is listed.
  • Combine and calculate all the conversions using all the sessions for the website.

How Does Yours Compare?

Although the numbers vary per industry, there are still ways to benchmark yours.

A recent study found that the average conversion rate across industries ranges between 2.35% and 5.31%.

Geckoboard, Website Conversion Rate

With the right type of content and the right call-to-action delivered at the right time, marketers can improve conversion rates dramatically without too much effort. There are easy-to-use platforms with one-step installation via plug-ins such as


fortvision conversions

FORTVISION allows users to attract, engage, and retain visitors with interactive content, all while gathering critical data points. Gain in-depth and actionable insights so your business is empowered to deliver the right message at the right time to the right person.

Dana Roth

Dana is the Product Marketing Manager for FORTVISION. Her responsibilities include developing sales strategies and maintaining all digital resources for the platform and building relationships with influencers.

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