5 Video Editing Tips for Marketers

Video Tips for Marketers

Video marketing has become one of the top ways to market in the last decade. With the prices of equipment and editing programs dropping as they become more commonly used, it has also gotten a lot more affordable. Video production can be tricky to get just right the first few times you try it.

Finding the right way to set a video up for marketing is harder than normal editing is. You have to put your product in the best possible light while also making a stunning video. The main thing you need to edit a video well is experience. The more often you do it the better you are going to get.

There are always a few tools and tricks to make you a better video editor quickly. This is a list of a few tips and tricks to make you a better marketer and make your videos look better immediately.

Tip 1: Start Rough

There is no point in working out timing issues or the look of a video before you establish a rough cut. Getting a rough cut together just requires putting all of your best clips in chronological order so that you have a very rough idea of what clips you are using and where they need to be. That will make editing much easier and tell you what clips you need.

This part is not going to look pretty. You are going to have unedited videos in tough order and none of them are going to work together yet. Do not get frustrated at this point because this is the part where your video has not yet begun to take shape.

Taking your clips and getting them into rough order is the best place to start. There is no need to start critiquing your work or getting upset at this point. It is not supposed to look good yet it is just supposed to be in order.

Tip 2: Don't Over Edit

Unless you are making fun of an action movie there is no reason to add too much to your video during the editing process. Especially if you are just starting out it can seem like a lot of fun to use all the special effects and noises that your editing program provides. Do not do that, it will not look good or professional.

Keep your transitions simple and natural. You do not want to have a video that distracts from what you are trying to sell or that looks overcrowded. Let your video speak for itself without your editing software muddying it. 

Your editing should match the tone of the video without changing the general message. Editing software is fun to play with and easy to get carried away with. It is better to under edit and made additions than it is to overedit and have to cut out a ton of effects.

Tip 3: Use Good Software

Video Editing

There are hundreds of video editing programs you can buy or get for free. Make sure you do some research before you commit to an editing program. The difference between a great video and a bad one can come down to the software you are using.

Often you are going to have to pay for the better editing software. Do not be alarmed by the prices they are not very expensive and almost always worth the extra money. Look at reviews and what professional editors have to say about the software before you buy so you know you can trust it.

Once you choose your editing software you need to learn how to use it as well as possible. Watch youtube videos that break down how everything works and read plenty of how-to papers that can explain certain skills to you. The better your software is the better your videos will turn out.

Tip 4: Pay Attention to Music

You are going to find a lot of different places to get royalty-free music online over your time as an editor. Make sure you use that music carefully and sparingly. Too much music at the wrong time can completely ruin the vibe of a video.

The first thing you need to do when choosing music is to make sure it is free to use or that you have the money budgeted to pay for music. Then you need to decide what sort of music would go best in your marketing video. Soft music or fast music can completely change a video so make sure you choose correctly and maybe try several different music selections.

Finally, you need to make sure the music really does add something to your video. If the music is just an extra thing that does not make a difference in the video than it might be best to leave the music out. Music can change a video but it is not always needed.

Tip 5: You Can’t Fix Everything

Video editing software is amazing and can fix so many things that you might feel like everything can be fixed in post-production. That is not true and if you did not film the video you are editing you might feel even more pressure to make the film look great so you do not get blames for mistakes. The truth is there are some things that not even great editing can fix.

You can fix lighting and most sound in an editing program but you might not be able to make it perfect. There is nothing wrong with not being able to fix something that was messed up in filming. Your editing is there to fix the things you can and make everything look better, not to perform miracles.

Give yourself a break and remember that even the best editors cannot fix a bad video. Do the best you can and make sure you are proud of your work. You won’t be able to fix every single thing but you will make everything that comes to better than it was before you started.


Editing Video with Adobe Premiere

Video editing is a job that you learn as you go. The more you edit the better you will get at using the software and figuring out what you can do. As you learn you will become a better editor and enjoy your work even more.

Great editors know that their rough draft is going to be very rough and that is okay. Software is the most important thing an editor uses so make sure that yours is top-notch, and always under edit before your over-edit. There is nothing you can’t make better with editing but you can also make things look crazy if you do too much.

Finally, remember that you are an editor, not a magician. There are some things you will not be able to fix and that is okay. These are just a few tips to help you be a better editor for marketing videos.

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