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In this digital age, the battle for marketing space has shifted online. With more people online, subscriptions and sales have moved from their traditional space to their new, digital ones.  Websites have to be on their best game and take into account site designs and user experience. As a result, websites have become critical to company revenues.

Given this scenario, it’s easy to see how conversion rate optimization, or CRO as it’s known, has become an important weapon in any tech-savvy marketer’s arsenal. CRO can make or break a company’s online marketing presence and strategy.

Multiple CRO tools are available on the market. The problem, however, is that CRO is still inefficient. Evolution in technology has not been mirrored in the way we carry out conversion rate optimization.

Conversion rate optimization is a tough job. Here’s a typical scenario:

The marketer first has to upload the page with the tool. He has a coffee and checks his mails as the page loads.  Then, begins making the changes on the page. And then he needs to take the help of his tech team to make changes on his website. And then, he carries out tests to check if all elements in the page are placed to their advantage. If not, he starts again, right from loading the page, and has another coffee. To put it bluntly, he is still stuck with the routine that was followed when website optimization was introduced – And so are the rest of us. There hasn’t been any significant innovation in CRO, ironically enough.

However, Freshworks has an answer. Freshmarketer (previously Zarget) was founded in 2015 to bring innovation into an industry that had not seen any significant creative advances in years and to break marketers’ dependency on developers to optimize and run tests that had existed prior.

Companies looking to improve their site’s conversion rates have always had to rely on a chaotic array of various modules to achieve their goals, and buy multiple software products for a single campaign – Something Freshmarketer seeks to address by offering multiple optimization modules in one single software product, thereby eliminating the need to look any further to complete the process.

Freshmarketer Dashboard

In other words, end-to-end optimization is now possible, using just one software product  – called the CRO suite. Freshmarketer’s team likes to think of conversion as a cyclical process rather than a linear one, where data from websites provides insights, which you use to build hypotheses, which you use as the basis for optimization, which in turn provides more data – And subsequent rounds of the cycle follow.

Freshmarketer’s unique solution lies in its Chrome plugin, and in its all-in-one conversion suite. Its industry-first Chrome plugin has made it extremely easy to test and optimize checkout pages, which were previously off-limits. Traditional optimization tools were limited in that they required users to load their pages through another site. This posed security risks and also meant that these tools had major limitations in what they could do. However, Freshmarketer’s team has bypassed all these limitations. Its all-in-one conversion suite includes Heatmaps, A/B Testing, and Funnel Analysis together.

Here are some cool things you can do with Freshmarketer:

  • Optimize and test pages right from your browser, with Freshmarketer’s Chrome plugin.
  • View live data reports – Insights as and when interactions occur. No more snapshots.
  • Use multiple powerful CRO modules with just one product.
  • Track clicks on interactive website elements.
  • Customize URLs with ease, with minimal help from your tech team.
  • Get integrated solutions when you run individual modules. Including A/B testing with built-in heatmaps.

Freshmarketer’s recommended optimization cycle process begins with funnel analysis. Funnel analysis is where a set of pages that serve as a conversion path are tested to see where visitors drop off from the funnel. This helps you know how visitors interact in the larger context of conversions.

Next, you move on to using heatmaps, which are integrated with funnel analyses. Heatmaps are graphical representations of aggregated page click data. They show you website elements that perform poorly, and which parts of your site need fixing. After learning where they drop off, you learn why they drop off.

Freshmarketer Heatmap

Once you’ve identified your weaker elements and pages, you can then move on to the final step – A/B testing. However, before you begin A/B testing, it’s better to form solid hypotheses to test. Hypotheses for A/B tests should be based on insights from your prior tests.  A/B testing is where changes are made to a page, and saved as a variant. Visitor traffic is divided between these variants, and the one with better conversion ‘wins’.

And once you’re left with the better version of your site, you begin the cycle all over again!

We used Freshmarketer on our signup page, making tweaks to it based on hypotheses made with the data collected using Freshmarketer, which boosted sign ups by 26% within three days. Shihab Muhammed, BU Head at Freshdesk.

According to studies and observations by industry experts, conversion rate optimization is poised to see great growth in the coming years as more and more marketers increasingly place importance on CRO in their campaigns. Given its versatility, ease of use, and unique features, Freshmarketer is well placed to take advantage of the developments in the field.

Freshmarketer represents an evolutionary leap in terms of how companies can optimize conversions and see deeper into site performance. Consider the slow advances in our industry compared to the music industry, which moved quickly from records to CDs, to iPods, and finally, to streaming. Our Chrome plugin is the next step in CRO and represents the future of conversion rate optimization, thanks to our efforts to make it seamless and more efficient by integrating various conversion modules. We anticipate fast adoption as the need and budgeting for conversion rate optimization increases globally. E-commerce and SaaS firms will immediately realize the benefits of having a single suite for real-time heatmapping combined with A/B and funnel testing.

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