Great Quality Traffic for the Price of a Shirt

Reading Time: < 1 minute If you’ve not happened across Jeremy Shoemoney’s blog, it’s a great blog to follow. Jeremy also has a great program called Free Shirt Friday. It may take a few months for Jeremy to get to wearing your shirt, it’s a popular program. I’d like to speak a little bit to the impact of participating in a program like this. It’s pretty obvious that Jeremy’s blog has nothing to do with Navy Veterans; however, the reach

How bad DO sites overstate their number of visitors?

Reading Time: 2 minutes ComScore just released its White Paper on Cookie Deletion. Cookies are little files that web pages access to save information in for marketing, analysis, analytics, and to assist with user experience. For instance, when you check a box to save your login information on a site, it’s typically saved in a Cookie and accessed the next time you open that page. What is a unique visitor? For analytical purposes, every time a web page sets

Who Pays You?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sometimes we forget that we’re ultimately paid by our customers. Tom Peters has a great post today about GM from GM insider, Mike Neiss: “Look, I feel bad for my friends and colleagues at [GM]. But I don’t feel sorry for them. They forgot design, they forgot the customer, they forgot R&D, they forgot they are a [car] company. Their demise was clearly a choice. Not a symptom of our economy, but a choice made