“Which” Works the Best to Close Leads?

content vs intent

I was reading in an industry forum where a visitor asked “Which” medium worked best to close a lead that didn't close immediately. That's a very peculiar question given that there are so many variables at work. What's the industry? The contract value? The demographic or firmographics of the prospective company? Are they in a field where the prospects are Internet savvy? Is it a regional business or a national business?

How do you determine a head to head analysis between mediums? A paid search advertisement is written differently than, for example, a page title and meta description. Is one better than the other? You won't know until you try each in detail for the campaign you are executing. That takes quite a few tests.

As well, 1 + 1 sometimes equals 3 or more when it comes to mediums. You may wish to do a Facebook advertisement that drives leads to a blog post, which pushes users to click on a call-to-action and register for an email. Then… you may drip a 6 month campaign to the prospect and get a great response 3 months later. “Which” medium actually did the work here?

Consumers and business prospects also have different intent when consuming each type of medium. A blog post found in an organic search, for example, may feed a prospect's curiosity and drive them to subscribing or downloading a whitepaper. However, their intent may not be to actually purchase… just to look. It's why it's imperative to capture their information and content them periodically. It's also a great idea to connect with them through social media. When they are ready to buy… you'll be top of mind.

content vs intent

We implement cross-channel marketing implementations for all our clients. Sometimes we build applications that drive attention and authority… other times we may even point them to traditional media such as direct mail. What we do work hard at is ensuring that we don't blow the budget in a single medium, and we try to get all mediums supporting one another.

Your prospect-base is highly segmented between all of these mediums – mobile, video, social, search, traditional, geographic, email, blogging, paid advertising, sponsorships, press releases, infographics, etc. Instead of choosing one over another, start with the one where you've had some experience, master it, and then begin adding onto it one medium at a time.

What do you think?

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