Do Colors Impact Online Purchase Behavior?

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Here’s a fascinating infographic from KISSmetrics on color and its impact on purchasing decisions. Keeping this in mind, Nick’s recent post on utilizing cookies to provide a different experience to a visitor rather than a customer could come in handy… perhaps your site could change stylesheets and move from a black layout (impulse) to a pink layout… or if you’re running a special, a blue layout!

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    This finding is awesome… I was thinking of running a special sale soon for my “in a budget” customers. And now I know what colours to use!

    Thanks man! My regards to the “Good” Manning (you know, the one that is REALLY a QB! ) 😉

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    Very useful. I was just thinking of that when I was creating a book cover the other day. Thanks for sharing!

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    Excellent post Douglas, your inforgraphic provides a great reference tool.  I love the psychology of colours and their influence in marketing. When going through your explanation of colours, it’s not hard to immediately recall examples backing each up. 

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