Your Outbound Marketing is Less Effective without Inbound Efforts

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If you’ve been a reader of my blog for long, you know that the word versus often sends me into a blind rage. The folks over at SoftwareAdvice sent over a detailed article, Inbound vs Outbound Marketing: A Primer for Newbies or Switchers.

The guide does an excellent job of walking through the strategies, differences, and even the tools of inbound strategies and outbound strategies. It’s seriously worth the read so go check it out. Here’s one of the graphics:


Outbound is less effective without Inbound

We work with organizations that are small startups all the way to enterprise corporations. There’s no exception to this rule that I’m sharing:

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Can you do a cold-call and personally nurture a relationship (outbound) and get sales? Of course! I didn’t say that outbound is not effective without inbound strategies, I stated that it’s less effective.

What do you think the first thing a consumer or business prospect does after learning about your business through a piece of direct mail, a cold call, or a visit? In fact, what do you think they’re doing while learning about your business through a piece of direct mail, a cold call, or a visit?

Your Outbound Leads are researching you online!

A simple Google search to find your site and peruse your content will often follow a cold call. Then they head over to LinkedIn and review your credentials and whether or not you look legit. And then they reach out via social media to their trusted network and ask, Has anyone ever worked with these people?

And that’s the critical moment of whether your outbound team needs to spend multiple visits to nurture the lead, apply ridiculous pressure to close the sale, or lose you to a competitor that’s doing a much better job with their inbound marketing.

We recently shared what CMOs were looking for from their agencies, and a two aspects were knowledge and assistance. If your company, product, or service isn’t well represented in search, social media, and through a robust content library, your chances of closing a sale are diminished.

Worse, if your competitors are well-represented, now you’ve got a hot prospect that’s going to begin shopping. And as they review your competitor’s extraordinary positioning and leadership in the space, they’re going to have doubts as to whether or not they can use your service.

And Outbound Enhances Inbound Efforts

I’m going to add another gem here… inbound is much more efficient with outbound marketing, too! Have you ever called on a prospect that’s downloaded a few items, is actively opening and clicking your email newsletters and is visiting your site periodically?

It’s not versus, folks! Your outbound marketing efforts will dramatically increase with an outstanding inbound marketing strategy. And your inbound marketing strategy will improve when you use that data to fuel your outbound marketing strategy.


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    Inbound has been there for quite some time we just aren’t recognizing it because of the importance given to outbound marketing. Since the Internet has proliferated in every household, it’s difficult to deny the vast reach and impact of inbound marketing.

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