How To Do A Complete SEO Audit

Reading Time: 4 minutes What are the basic elements of an SEO Audit? This article and infographic provides a beginner with the technical aspects of auditing your site.

MarketerHire: Where To Hire A Vetted Freelance Marketer

Reading Time: 3 minutes This year has been a challenge for many organizations. Despite it being anecdotal, three trends that I’m observing are: Digital Transformation – the previous focus on external customer experience has shifted to internal automation and integration with large organizations as they reduce staff and expenses. Remote Teams – because of the shift to working from home during the pandemic, companies have shifted their ideology on working from home and are more open to remote teamwork.

Survey Results: How Are Marketers Responding to the Pandemic and Lockdowns?

Reading Time: 4 minutes As the lockdown eases and more employees head back to the office, we were interested in investigating the challenges small businesses have faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic, what they have been doing over lockdown to develop their business, any upskilling they’ve done, the technology they’ve used over this time, and what their plans and outlook for the future are.  The team at surveyed 100 small businesses about how they’ve managed during the lockdown. 80% of

Online Marketing Terminology: The Basic Definitions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sometimes we forget how deep we are in the business and forget to just give someone an introduction to the basic terminology or acronyms that are floating around as we talk about online marketing. Lucky for you, Wrike has put together this Online Marketing 101 infographic that walks you through all of the basic marketing terminology you need to hold a conversation with your marketing professional. Affiliate Marketing – Finds external partners to market your

Brandmentions: Reputation Monitoring, Sentiment Analysis, and Alerts for Search and Social Media Mentions

Reading Time: 3 minutes While most marketing tech platforms for reputation monitoring and sentiment analysis are focus purely on social media, Brandmentions is a comprehensive source for monitoring any or all mentions of your brand online. Any digital property that’s linked to your site or mentioned your brand, product, hashtag, or employee name… is monitored and tracked. And the Brandmentions platform provides alerts, tracking, and sentiment analysis. Brandmentions enables businesses to: Build Engaged Relations – Discover and engage with