10 Tips for SEO Copywriting that Ranks

seo copywriting 2013

Last week we met with about 30 writers at one of our clients and discussed how their content writers could take better advantage of search engines when writing their articles. Our recommendations were on par with this infographic from ContentVerve.

The articles these folks were writing were already incredible – so we focused on two key areas for improvement.

  • Develop amazing titles that tap into reader emotion and stoke their curiosity enough to click through.
  • Ensure the authors independently built their credibility and authority, promoting their content and driving up overall authority for the brand.

As I’ve said before – SEO is a human problem, no longer a math problem. Great copywriting is all about capturing the attention of your audience. When you do that, the search engines will follow!



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    Thanks for an interesting post – I think you’re right, Google doesn’t measure things the way it used to.
    It’s algorithm is much cleverer these days – it certainly prefers natural looking content.
    I think SEO will remain important (for business) until Google masters computers that actually have AI and can think – then we’re out of a job!
    Google+ is also becoming far more important – authorship all the way.

  2. 2

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