Post Your Way To Facebook Success

Really appreciate that this infographic from Pagemodo, Post Your Way to Facebook Success, focuses on great content, consistency and concludes by discussing the opportunity to post when others are not. I grow weary of best time to post nonsense. If businesses would stop chasing number of eyeballs and begin to focus where there is more potential, they would find better results. The key to a great social media strategy is to know what and when

The Secret to Successful Email List Rental & Email Newsletter Advertising

If you’re an advertiser who has, or is planning, to include 3rd-party email into your marketing mix this post will help to use the email marketing channel more successfully and get a better ROI, with smaller budgets. In the end, it will help list owners, too. After all a happy advertiser is a repeat advertiser.

Social Bookmarks: Hide and Seek

UPDATE: – With the new site design and the lack of usage of the links, I decided to take them off. No complaints thus far! This modification still works if you would like to use it. I was the butt of some joking going on over at Nektros. The entry was all about why you should get rid of all of those one-click social bookmarking links on your site. I’ve had a few other folks

WordPress: After the First Post only on the Home Page

You’ll note on after the first page after the first post on my home page that I’ve added a Blaugh cartoon. I had one heck of a time figuring out how to simply show the cartoon in one single place on the site without pushing it into the sidebar where it didn’t belong. So… I did some digging and found a couple of themes that utilize some code to do just this. The code could